“The unexpected always happens”: Francisca gave her opinion on the controversy of the triumph of Miss USA over Latinas

The unexpected always happens Francisca gave her opinion on the

read transcript really?!rúl: what one learns.this weekend theunited states representativenothing to gain the united statesfor one simple reason, it hasthe best of both worlds,because the new owner ofmiss universe pageant isThai, I asked herbefore if this favored theasian feet that are soconsumers of the contest andshe said no, and someone fromhis organization approached me andthe … Read more

Is it for that long? 3 Reasons Why The New ‘Velma’ Animated Series Caused Controversy

1673647078 Is it for that long 3 Reasons Why The New

We live in a time full of nostalgia where the big entertainment companies are bringing back some of the series and movies that were part of our childhood/adolescence. Although yes, instead of offering the same, there are those who prefer to give their stories and characters a spin to offer something more to the viewers. … Read more

‘Titanic’ returns to theaters for its 25th anniversary and comes with controversy over the poster

1673610479 Titanic returns to theaters for its 25th anniversary and comes

The poster for the 25th anniversary of ‘Titanic’ has unanimously left the Internet wondering what happened to Rose’s hair. Earlier this week, Paramount shared the new movie poster Romantic film directed by James Cameron about the disaster of the ocean liner, winner of 11 Oscars to announce a special re-release in 4K and 3D next … Read more

Taylor Swift breaks records and unleashes a controversy with the sale of tickets for her tour

Taylor Swift breaks records and unleashes a controversy with the

Taylor Swift has broken the box office. Literally. The sale (actually, in pre-sale) of the tickets for her next American tour has broken records and has collapsed the Ticketmaster systems, which had exclusive rights to sell most of the concerts. The high prices and problems with the system to process the high demand have not … Read more

Bethesda responds to Mick Gordon for the controversy with the music of Doom Eternal: “It has incited harassment and threats”

The clash of opinions and realities has occurred. mick gordoncomposer of Prey, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Y Doom Eternalpublished last week a very extensive statement about the infernal title. In it, the creator highlighted that he did not agree with a letter that Marty Strattondirector of idSoftwarehad published in 2020. And it is that … Read more

Controversy and unrest in Qatar: security agents threatened a team of TV journalists with destroying their camera

Controversy and unrest in Qatar security agents threatened a team scaled

Reporter is threatened by Qataris live The countdown to the start of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 began and, together with the protagonists, little by little too Fans and journalists from different parts of the world are arriving to cover and witness the event. The United States landed in Doha and became the first … Read more

Black Panther 2 denies the anti-vaccine controversy with Letitia Wright

Black Panther 2 denies the anti vaccine controversy with Letitia Wright

Marvel Studios What really happened to Letitia Wright on the set of Black Panther 2? What was the result of the controversy over anti-vaccination? Black Panther 2 has denied the anti-vaccine controversy with Letitia Wright. In an interview granted to esquirethe actor Winston Duke He addressed the issue of the controversial reports about the actress … Read more

Criticism of The Ins and Outs of FIFA: Netflix launches into the controversy over the World Cup in Qatar

Criticism of The Ins and Outs of FIFA Netflix launches

With the FIFA we have come across A story of influences, corruption and goings-on starring the bosses of the international soccer: Joseph BlatterMichel platini or Jack Warner, among others. The ins and outs of FIFAwhich could not have a better title, is now available on Netflix. If a matter of weeks ago we plunged into … Read more

Diego Delgrossi’s joke about teachers opened political controversy

What is Elon Musks controversial plan for the Brazilian

Exclusive Content The note you are trying to access is exclusively for subscribers subscribe know our plansand enjoy El País without limits. Get into If you are already a subscriber you canSign in with your username and password. Diego Delgrossi is usually very active on social media in his dual role as humorist and history … Read more

El Trece made a decision after the controversy between Juana Viale and a valuable figure

Juana Viale He arrived at El Trece with great enthusiasm after the channel decided to renew his contract together with Mirtha Legrand’s. The surprise is that Chiquita stayed with the Saturday nights and her granddaughter took the space that the figure had in the Sunday lunches. His debut on the show hasn’t gone over well, … Read more