After the controversy with Rodrigo de Paul, Camila Homs went through the operating room

Camila Homs and Rodrigo De Paul are going through one of the worst moments of their relationship due to the millionaire lawsuit, after their scandalous separation. Today, Rodrigo de Paul returned to the country, after his vacation with Tini Stoessel, to visit his children and, despite the fact that his lawyer Camila Homs assured that … Read more

Nacho Goano got into the controversy between Eduardo De la Puente and Mario Pergolini: “They were almost even”

Nacho Goano got into the controversy between Eduardo De la

After the harsh statements of Eduardo de la Puente against Mario Pergolini on the podcast Burn a patrol carby the journalist Gustavo Olmedo, Nacho Goano – former member of the remembered Fall Who Falls (CQC)– Opinion on that dispute. After recounting what the relationship between the two drivers was like at that time, the journalist … Read more

The Lightyear “controversy” and the paradigm of our backwardness

In the Italian classic cinema ParadisoAt the end of the film, Salvatore receives a gift from Alfredo, the projector in his town’s theater and the person responsible for his love of cinema. This gift was the fragments of the films that little Salvatore Di Vita had seen as a child and that had been censured … Read more

“The worst concert of my life”, Marc Anthony unleashes controversy on social networks after his show in Madrid

The worst concert of my life Marc Anthony unleashes controversy

The line that separates illusion and despair is very fine, and yesterday we experienced it with the “bad organization” of the Show of Marc Anthony in the capital. What seemed like for many fans of the artist was going to be one of the best moments of his life (in reference to the musical), It … Read more

Cuba: Pablo Milanés concert changes venue after controversy in Havana

The concert that the singer-songwriter Paul Milanes offer next week Havana changed venue after protests sparked by limited space where would it take place and the official intention to distribute part of the tickets to government agenciesreported island authorities. “With the aim of facilitating greater attendance at the Pablo Milanés concert (…), the Cuban Institute … Read more

Rebel Wilson, at the center of controversy for coming out of the closet, a look through 5 of her best films

Rebel Wilson, who decided to go public with his relationship with a woman under alleged pressure from an Australian newspaper, burst onto the scene in North America with prominent roles in films such as Bridesmaids and A Few Best Men. Since then, has appeared in a number of comedy filmsincluding What to Expect When You’re … Read more

Shakira and Piqué: The show of support that Antonella Roccuzzo gave to the Colombian in the midst of the controversy with her ex-husband

The controversial love break between the Colombian singer Shakira and the Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué has become one of the most prominent in the world of entertainment and entertainment. Among all the scandal caused by the friction and estrangement between the couple, other negative events were added that considerably affected the singer songs like “I … Read more

Melanie Lynskey: from the unexpected confrontation with Kate Winslet to a return to TV that generated controversy

Melanie Lynskey from the unexpected confrontation with Kate Winslet to

“My life, actually, is very small. I go from work to our little rented house and vice versa,” said the 45-year-old New Zealand actress. Melanie Lynskey when they asked him what his daily life is like when he is in the middle of filming a series or movie. At the time, he was filming the … Read more

Disney goes to war with French cinemas for an unimaginable controversy in Spain

In Spain we are already used to movies reaching streaming platforms just weeks after their theatrical release, but in other countries things are very different. Perhaps the most drastic example is that of France, which has led to start a war between Disney and the cinemas of that country. You will remember that a couple … Read more

“Top Gun: Maverick” displays the Taiwanese flag again after controversy

Top Gun Maverick displays the Taiwanese flag again after controversy

Tom Cruise breaks record with ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ 1:45 (CNN Business) — The movie “Top Gun: Maverick” has once again displayed Taiwan’s official flag following criticism, jeopardizing its release in mainland China. The mega-blockbuster – which is by far Tom Cruise’s biggest commercial debut– now shows its main character sporting the flag on his iconic … Read more