Julio César Chávez: this was the condition that he put on his daughter Nicole to appear in The House of Famous

Julio Cesar Chavez this was the condition that he put

After the tremendous success of the reality show “The House of the Famous”, the producers already have almost everything ready to give the starting signal to the third season. In this case, one of the guests is Nicole Chavezdaughter of the expujilista Julio Cesar Chavez. The subject was presented in the Ventaneando entertainment program, where … Read more

Driver of ‘Gossip no Like’ is hospitalized in an emergency and is in serious condition | VIDEO

Driver of Gossip no Like is hospitalized in an emergency

Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani. Photo: Star TV / Courtesy the famous show “Gossip No Like” He is not having his best moment, because in addition to the fact that a couple of days ago his studio was looted, one of his drivers is in serious condition in the hospital. This is Eleazar “El kompayaso”, … Read more

Henry Cavill has already dropped the condition to continue in ‘The Witcher’: the possible reason why Netflix has lost its star and that it is not related to his return as Superman

Henry Cavill has already dropped the condition to continue in

As someone who has thoroughly enjoyed the first two seasons of ‘The Witcher’giving myself over to their worldly pleasures and their appreciable doses of fun in the key of epic fantasy, the announcement of the henry cavill abandonment after the third season it has fallen on me like a pitcher of cold water; and it’s … Read more

‘The house of the dragon’ softened this death to condition your opinion of a character

[Este artículo contiene SPOILERS de ‘LA CASA DEL DRAGÓN’ 1×08] Step by step, without much fanfare, the house of the dragon is introducing in its first season some changes regarding the events of the Westeros story that George R.R. Martin narrated in fire and blood, the book detailing the events of the Targaryen war that … Read more

Marciano Cantero, leader of the Green Dwarfs, was hospitalized in serious condition

Marciano Cantero leader of the Green Dwarfs was hospitalized in

Marciano Cantero, leader of Los Enanitos Verdes, was hospitalized urgently This Tuesday it transpired that they urgently admitted Horace Edward Martian Stonecuttermain composer, bassist and leader of the Enanitos Verdes. The singer, who has just turned 62, was admitted in serious condition on August 29 at the Cuyo Clinic, located in the province of Mendoza … Read more

Actress Anne Heche, admitted in critical condition after crashing into a house

Actress Anne Heche admitted in critical condition after crashing into

american actress Anne Hecheknown for movies like six days and seven nights either American Playboy, among many others, she is hospitalized in critical condition after the vehicle in which she was traveling crashed into a house in the city of Los Angeles, as reported on Friday by local media such as CNN and the TMZ … Read more

Lady Gaga reveals that she was worried that she would not be able to continue singing due to this terrible condition

Lady Gaga reveals that she was worried that she would

United States.- Lady Gaga recently indicated that the pain he experienced from his fight against fibromyalgia he had her very worried, as she feared that her career would be stopped. The 36-year-old singer, who performed a couple of concerts for her tour The Chromatica Ball at London’s Tottenham Hotspur Stadium over the weekend, he detailed … Read more

Héctor Tricoche left “resting” at home after suffering from a heart condition for years

The king of hedge funds justifies its bearish position in

Hector Tricoche He left surrounded by his family in Massachusetts after suffering from heart disease for years, according to what salsa singer Jesús Pagán shared with this medium, who just over a year ago recorded with the interpreter of tame wolf the topic She told you about me. “He died at home with his wife, … Read more