Seville City Council organizes free concerts at the CREA in San Jerónimo until November 25

Seville City Council organizes free concerts at the CREA in

SEVILLA, 19 Oct. (EUROPA PRESS) – The Seville City Council, through the Northern District and in collaboration with the Delegation of Economy, Commerce, Relations with the University Community and the Metropolitan Area, has organized a varied agenda of six concerts in the Assembly Hall of the CREA Building, located in the San Jerónimo neighborhood of … Read more

Musicals, opera, great shows and concerts: this is the new program of the Mar de Vigo – Metropolitano

Musicals opera great shows and concerts this is the new

The show ‘The Great Hotel of wools Reinas’, ‘Remember me, the Coco Musical’, the opera ‘Madama Butterfly’, the concerts of Los cigarettes and Mikel Erentxun, the ballet of ‘The Nutcracker’ O ‘Swan Lake’ are some of the attractions of the autumn and winter program of the Mar de Vigo Auditorium, which this morning was unveiled … Read more

From October 30, concerts will be able to be held in Ecuador

From October 30 concerts will be able to be held

The National Emergency Operations Committee (COE) authorizes that concerts and other massive cultural events as of October 30, but with a maximum capacity of 60% on the stages where these shows take place. At a press conference, the president of the National COE, Juan Zapata, detailed that these shows should be carried out in closed … Read more

Former Death drummer Bill Andrews ‘was totally on board’ to take part in Chuck Schuldiner tribute concerts –

Anterior DEATH members James Murphy (guitar) and Terry Butler (bass) will perform the band’s third classic album, “Spiritual healing”, entirely in two shows in Florida. The December 11-12 concerts at Brass Mug in Tampa, where Murphy and Butler the drummer will join him Gus Rios (ex-MALEVOLENT CREATION, DIVINE EMPIRE) and guitarist / vocalist Matt Harvey … Read more

The brothers Meir and Yehudit, with childhood parkinson’s, will improve their lives with the donations of 3 concerts

The brothers Meir and Yehudit with childhood parkinsons will improve

The Columbus Foundation will organize a tour of three concerts that will culminate in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela on October 30 under the title “Pain and hope”. The events are aimed at raising funds to treat children Meir and Yehudit, two Israeli brothers aged six and four, who suffer from a disease known … Read more

The Fermina Islet will host the cycle of free concerts “Arrecife de Las Músicas”

The Fermina Islet will host the cycle of free concerts

The Tourist Centers of Lanzarote announce the arrival ‘Arrecife de Las Músicas’ to the Islet of La Fermina. The popular and recognized cycle of concerts and debates that is traditionally held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria opens its headquarters on the island with a “very special” edition, which will feature artists of the stature … Read more

What does green traffic light mean for concerts and cinemas in CDMX?

What does green traffic light mean for concerts and cinemas

The arrival of green traffic light to Mexico City, where there is one out of every nine existing cinema screens in the Republic and it is the main bastion of mass concerts, it puts businessmen on alert, since any failure in their sanitary protocols, can result in a suspension of 15 days. As of Monday, … Read more

The most “chic” congress of the PSOE, with concerts and ‘food trucks’: “This looks like a music festival”

The most chic congress of the PSOE with concerts and

Related news Nobody expected in Valencia that 40 Federal Congress of the PSOE look like number 39. Far from the 2017 train crash between Pedro Sanchez and Susana diaz, the President of the Government enjoys a placid appointment in 2021. But the change in concept did surprise. “It is the most chic congress I have … Read more

The National Symphony Orchestra begins the season of face-to-face concerts

The National Symphony Orchestra begins the season of face to face concerts

National Symphony Orchestra After almost a year and a half of waiting, in another context and with all the care, the National Symphony Orchestra will once again give life to the most beautiful melodies at the beginning of the Season of Face-to-Face Concerts, in one of its most beloved spaces, the National Auditorium of the … Read more

Clubhouse now allows concerts offering Hi-Fi audio quality

Clubhouse now allows concerts offering Hi Fi audio quality

It became famous during the pandemic thanks to the fact that it allowed us to see a lot of famous people in virtual rooms, which gave us the feeling that we were accompanied and in good company. Now it is a virtual joint where the bands play. Surely during confinement did you hear about clubhouse, … Read more