Gamera, Godzilla’s competition, returns with a new project — Kudasai

Gamera Godzillas competition returns with a new project — Kudasai

The company kadokawa announced that it is producing a new work of the giant monster franchise gamera titled Gamera: Rebirth. The project will be distributed by the platform Netflix globally. On the other hand, the publisher does not reveal the format of the project (animation, live-action, etc.), but included a promotional video. The project will … Read more

6 sports dramas where competition and perseverance dominate the stories

6 sports dramas where competition and perseverance dominate the stories

Throughout the history of cinema, many films decided to tell the B side of sports activities, either because they relate historical events or simply to reflect what high competition implies. These are some of the most interesting movies that closely portray the implications of the sports universe. 6 Shocking Murder Stories You Can’t Miss The … Read more

MasterChef Celebrity: VIDEO shows that eliminated WILL RETURN to the competition

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

Week by week, the stars of “Master Chef Celebrity” they have faced various challenges that have put their gastronomic skills to the test and thanks to this it is that they have determined who are the contestants who have been able to advance in the competition. However, this has not prevented some of the participants … Read more

Survivor Mexico 2022: Who is the participant with the MOST SYMBOLS at the END of the competition?

Survivor Mexico 2022 Who is Catalina Blanco Curious facts that

Entertainment Find out who is the participant who has achieved the MOST SYMBOLS in Survivor Mexico 2022 and therefore already has a direct pass to the FINAL of the competition. By Karla Aguilar 09/17/2022 – 5:13 p.m. CDT 09/17/2022 – 5:13 p.m. CDT © InstagramWho was the participant with the most Symbols in Survivor Mexico … Read more

Who is the mask? He went out to conquer the public from the pure game and the competition without prizes, will it reach him?

Who is the mask He went out to conquer the

If the performance of TV programming were judged from the deployment of its productions, Who is the mask? it would immediately rank in one of the highest boxes in any ranking or stat. The visual and staging merits of the most flamboyant of all the great shows presented in recent times on the open channels … Read more

Strong competition came to ‘Piroberta’ from Happy Saturdays: Carlos Calero was imitated imitating him

Christian Bale reveals the two great Marvel cameos that were

In celebration of 50 years of the program Happy Saturdays, the presenter Carlos Calero stole part of the show by doing an imitation of the character Piroberta, who plays the humorist Julián Madrid. Calero shared the stage for the particular scene with Gustavo Villanueva, Triki Trake, in it, the presenter took the opportunity to show … Read more

“Official competition”: Antonio Banderas, Penélope Cruz, Oscar Martínez and the ball of egos

What song does Eddie play at the end of Stranger

Discovered in Venice in 2016 with honorary citizen a black comedy that had won actor Oscar Martinez the best actor award, Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat were back in Competition at the Mostra in September 2021 with Official Competence, a satire on the world of cinema that made the Lido roar with laughter. In their … Read more

The competition between Andrés García and Vicente Fernández that would have caused the death of the charro

The competition between Andres Garcia and Vicente Fernandez that would

The singer and the actor sent each other videos comparing their medical recovery, trying to walk faster and faster (Photos: Getty Images) More than a year ago, it was revealed that Vicente Fernandez had fallen on his Los Tres Potrillos ranch; this accident caused his hospitalization and his subsequent death on December 12, 2021. In … Read more

The Academy: Fans throw themselves against Rubí for “ELIMINATING” Fernanda from the competition

Ethereum music player and Solana suffered theft of 18 million

Yesterday, Sunday, July 24, the 13th concert of The academy, ending with a new student expelled. Who did the public votes no longer favor? Fernanda became the new expelled from The academyafter interpreting “Acariciame”. The person who was expelled from The academy it was Fernando. Her departure was unexpected, as she had a great night … Read more

Cast of ‘Top Chef VIP’: Meet the 16 Celebrities of Telemundo’s Hot New Competition

LAMC 2022 All About the Latin Alternative Music Industry Conference

One of the topics that caused a lot of controversy in the second season of “The House of the Famous“It was the food and who owned the kitchen. Now Telemundo will open the most spectacular kitchen and will put 16 celebrities to compete and become the “Chef VIP“. Adrenaline, drama and surprises is what is … Read more