Jodie Comer says Ben Affleck was shocked when he heard his real accent

Jodie Comer says Ben Affleck was shocked when he heard

Comer rose to prominence after his dazzling portrayal of assassin Villanelle in Killing Eve, in which she effortlessly switches between all manner of accents, including Russian, French and Scottish. The 28-year-old was so convincing that viewers had no idea where she actually came from, the discovery that she was from Liverpool came as a huge … Read more

Matt Damon, Jodie Comer, Ben Affleck and Adam Driver look intense in the Last Duel character posters

Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Jodie Comer and Adam Driver each offer an intense face on several new character posters for director Ridley Scott’s upcoming historical drama The last duel, only in theaters on October 15. With such a stellar base distribution, it is likely that The last duel are hoping for some love this awards … Read more

Jodie Comer will be Napoleon’s wife in biopic starring Joaquin Phoenix

Jodie Comer will be Napoleons wife in biopic starring Joaquin

Jodie Comer has been chosen to play Josefina de Beauharnais, the legendary wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, in the biopic about the French emperor that Ridley Scott is preparing, and which will star the Oscar winner, Joaquin Phoenix. As Variety has confirmed, the project that Comer joins will be titled “Kitbag” and will relate the origins … Read more