Accenture Federal Services, Microsoft Introduce Collaborative Cloud Modernization Support Offering; John Goodman Quoted – ExecutiveBiz

1712064284 Accenture Federal Services Microsoft Introduce Collaborative Cloud Modernization Support Offering

Accenture Federal Services has teamed with Microsoft to support federal agencies and other national security-focused organizations looking to optimize their cloud technologies. Through the new Cloud Modernization and Migration Factory hosted on Microsoft Azure Government, the partners will help public sector organizations and industry customers achieve the security standards necessary to operate in the national security realm, … Read more

My List: Five collaborative albums you have to listen to according to the musician and producer Macabre

Meta prepares to have headwinds in the second half of

Keyboardist and producer Macabre, formerly Catupecu Machu who now plays with his band Maleboux and has also joined Baltasar Comotto’s group, is an unbridled music lover and chooses for rolling stone their five favorite collaborative albums (not feats. but complete works composed of two). Love This Giant (2012) – St. Vincent and David Byrne «Total … Read more