Becky G reflects on multiculturalism using her collaboration with J-Hope (BTS) as an example

Becky G reflects on multiculturalism using her collaboration with J Hope

If you can boast of something Becky G is to succeed in the main hit lists with every great song he releases, both in English and Spanish (or directly in Spanglish). Understanding and embracing his Latin roots has helped him a lot to grow personally but also professionally, since this language has allowed him to … Read more

The Man of the Plain: a look back at the end of the brutal collaboration between James Stewart and Anthony Mann – CinéSéries

The Man of the Plain a look back at the

Anthony Mann directs James Stewart for the eighth and final time in ‘The Man from the Plain’. The filmmaker and the actor should have worked together again on another western, but a disagreement precipitated the end of their collaboration. The Man of the Plain : a summit for Anthony Mann and James Stewart Through five … Read more

Sonic Frontiers Unveils Ending Theme Music In Collaboration With Japanese Band One Ok Rock

Anuel AA ended up on the floor in the middle

The song, called ‘Vandalize’, is presented along with several scenes already seen from the SEGA game. SEGA is raising the expectations of Sonic fans through a lot of promotional material related to his sonic frontierswhich will reach PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch next November. Although his first presentations left us … Read more

‘Despechá’ could be a collaboration between Rosalía and this famous singer

Despecha could be a collaboration between Rosalia and this famous

Rosalia She is one of the artists of the moment. The Catalan has been on the front line for days due to the success of her concerts in ‘Motomami World Tour‘, his international tour. But also, if there is something that has gone viral these days, it is a fragment of her new song, ‘despise‘. … Read more

Voici chaque collaboration de films Johnny Depp et Tim Burton, classée | Jolie Bobine

Voici chaque collaboration de films Johnny Depp et Tim Burton

Lorsque vous trouvez quelque chose, ou plutôt quelqu’un, qui fonctionne pour vous, vous ne le lâchez pas. Et dans le cinéma, lorsqu’un acteur et un réalisateur collaborent fréquemment et forment une excellente relation à l’écran et hors écran, des choses incroyables se produisent. Une telle familiarité est très bénéfique pour les acteurs et les réalisateurs, … Read more

Charlie Puth and Jungkook (BTS) announce collaboration: discover his name and release date

bts premiered just a week ago, on June 10, his new album called proof. An album with which they have proposed to celebrate the nine years they have been in the music industry and in which they compile all the hits that have marked their career. It is composed of 48 songs, of which 45 … Read more

Chersace: the collaboration that unites Cher with Versace for Pride month

The friendship between Donatella Versace and Cher goes back many years, but they had never worked together until now. The occasion deserved it: “Donatella and I have been very dear friends throughout our lives,” Cher explains in the press release announcing the collaboration. “We felt like our first collaboration should be about LGBTQ Pride and … Read more

Camilo and Alejandro Sanz combine love, forgiveness and trust in a collaboration called ‘Nasa’

Camilo and Alejandro Sanz combine love forgiveness and trust in

15 years ago, when Camilo was just a 13-year-old boy, he dared to interpret the iconic song that made the Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz popular, “Corazón Partío”, but that was not the only one he gave voice to, he also sang “When no one sees me” on Colombian television screens. It was a very significant … Read more

Sonos Ray, Roam Colors and a collaboration with Lorde: The brand new Sonos news

Sonos Ray Roam Colors and a collaboration with Lorde The

It doesn’t matter if it’s series, movies or sporting events: you never know how wonderful (and necessary) it is to have a good sound bar, until you watch TV with a good sound bar!. In this sense, SONOS presented this week a sound bar that appeals to all those people who seek to improve their … Read more

Rumors of collaboration between Drake and Taylor Swift are triggered after a post by the singer on Instagram

Rumors of collaboration between Drake and Taylor Swift are triggered

In the Last few weeks we have witnessed endless rumors about the release of a new album by Taylor Swift with which, for the time being, he would pause the re-recordings of his old albums. However, the reality has been different and for the moment the singer of love story He has not returned to … Read more