’30 coins’: everything we know about season 2 of Álex de la Iglesia’s series for HBO

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There is no doubt that, a year after its debut at the Venice Film Festival, ’30 coins’ continue being one of the most risky, groundbreaking and ambitious Spanish television productions in recent years. And, despite being a compendium of lights and shadows, not as balanced as it should be, the orgy of terror made in Spain of Álex de la Iglesia gave us eight episodes to remember.

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These 2 cent coins that are (very) expensive

These 2 cent coins that are very

Two cent coins are one of the smallest values ​​in your wallet. Still, some are worth much more than their base price, find out which ones. Several countries have chosen to withdraw their one and two cent coins from circulation. This is the case of Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, the Netherlands and Sweden. Having … Read more

“30 coins”, the horror series by Álex de la Iglesia that tells a story that goes from the betrayal of Judas to the Vatican today

30 coins the horror series by Alex de la Iglesia

“30 coins”, the latest from Álex de la Iglesia Alex de la Iglesia He is possibly one of the best known Spanish directors of the last decades. In back of Pedro Almodovar, is also one of the most loved. In Argentina, like Spain, he has very loyal fans who have turned some of his works … Read more