What happened to the cast of ‘Clueless’ 27 years after its premiere? Cher looks unrecognizable

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Paul Rudd, Josh in ‘Clueless’ Paul Rudd (whom you can also see on ’40-year-old virgin’ on ViX+, ViX’s premium streaming service) He is one of the members of the cast of ‘Clueless’ who achieved the most fame in his career as an actor. Suffice it to say that he joined the Marvel universe, he has … Read more

Clueless Star Alicia Silverstone Says Her Son Tried to Kiss Her Passionately After Watching a Movie

Clueless Star Alicia Silverstone Says Her Son Tried to Kiss

Alicia Silverstone revealed that her son tried to imitate her clueless kissing scenes after watching the iconic film for the first time when he was just five years old. Although he admitted Bear had ‘loved’ the 1995 classic, the 45-year-old actor later realized it might not have been the best idea for someone his age. … Read more

Alicia Silverstone, star de ” Clueless “, se débarrasse des bodyshamers dans la vidéo TikTok: ” Je pense que j’ai l’air bien ” – News 24

Alicia Silverstone star de Clueless se debarrasse des

Alicia Silverstone a dénoncé les critiques la qualifiant de « grosse » dans un récent TIC Tac vidéo. Silverstone, 45 ans, a partagé une capture d’écran d’une photo d’elle portant une robe en soie bleue intitulée « Alicia Silverstone Candid Fat Photo ». L’actrice a utilisé la photo dans son TikTok comme toile de fond et est apparue devant … Read more

Britney Spears wears sexy ‘Clueless’ costume and looks like Cher Horowitz – watch e! News uk

Britney Spears wears sexy Clueless costume and looks like Cher

Ahead of her next Guardianship Court hearing this week, Britney Spears channeled ‘Clueless’ Cher Horowitz in a new dance video! As if! Britney Spears channeled Distraught the character Cher Horowitz in a new Instagram video shared on Tuesday, November 9. The pop star, 39, shared another of her famous dance videos which featured various outfit … Read more

Clueless: 10 outfits inspired by Alicia Silverstone’s iconic yellow suit

Clueless 10 outfits inspired by Alicia Silverstones iconic yellow suit

This year was the 26th anniversary of the premiere of “Clueless“, one of the most transcendent romantic comedies of the 90s, whose outfits and style in particular continue to be honored by today’s fashion icons. Celebrities such as Chiara Ferragni or Sara Sampaio have recently been inspired by the iconic yellow set of paintings that … Read more

This is what Alicia Silverstone looks like, the protagonist of Clueless more than 26 years after the film

This is what Alicia Silverstone looks like the protagonist of

Clueless, O Ni Idea, was one of the films plus successful 90s, that almost 30 years later continues to be remembered. The film showed the life of Cher, interpreted by Alicia Silverstone, who was the Most popular girl from her academic institute in Beverly Hills and the daughter of a famous lawyer. His life was … Read more

Kim Kardashian West Dressed As Cher From “Clueless” Every Day In High School: “This Fashion Was My Life”

Kim Kardashian West Dressed As Cher From Clueless Every Day

Kim Kardashian West is making billions of dollars showing off her latest fashion and beauty looks. After spending several years promoting brands on social media, the former keeping up with the Kardashians star launched her businesses in the late 2010s. Today she runs a shapewear line, SKIMS, and a skincare brand, KKW Beauty. Long before … Read more