After coming out of the closet, former Televisa gallant reveals that his career ended because of this

Miami Florida.- After several years of having left television and having been out of the closetthe famous and renowned former gallant of Televisa and stylist, Mauricio Mejiahe gave an interview to People in spanishwhere he revealed that for that reason was that he had to say goodbye from his work at said television station, for … Read more

After an affair with her boss on Televisa and 10 years retired, TV Azteca actress ‘comes out of the closet’

Mexico City.- A controversial actress and vedette, who began her career in Televisa and had a intense romance with her boss on television, he returns to the company to tell several truths and confesses on another program if he had a affair with another woman. Is about Niurka Marcoscall ‘The Scandal Woman‘, who has worked … Read more

Mourning on Televisa: Galán from soap operas suffered a tragic end; he disappeared and ended up dead in a closet

Written in FAMOUS the 6/26/2022 06:00 a.m. Mexico City.- A famous actor from Televisawho triumphed in soap operas, suffered a tragic death that paralyzed the show business and that to date remains unpunished. the mexican actor Joseph Robert Hill He was found murdered in his home in December 2005, at the age of 60. He … Read more

María del Monte comes out of the closet at Seville’s Gay Pride and introduces her girlfriend to the rhythm of Cher

Ray Dalio went bankrupt and that led him to

The singer, herald of the festival of Gay pride in Seville, it has become the absolute protagonist not only of the event but also of social networks. Mary of the Mount (60) has arrived at the venue in a car decorated for the occasion and with an LGTBI flag topped with Flemish fringes. María del … Read more

“You are a free man”: Harry Styles helps a fan come out of the closet in full concert

You are a free man Harry Styles helps a fan

It seems incredible but many times, we do not dimension the enormous power that music has. Those songs and artists that we love so much, accompany us in all kinds of moments and situations, good and bad, but the most important thing is that they manage to accompany us in moments that change. completely our … Read more

Rebel Wilson, at the center of controversy for coming out of the closet, a look through 5 of her best films

Rebel Wilson, who decided to go public with his relationship with a woman under alleged pressure from an Australian newspaper, burst onto the scene in North America with prominent roles in films such as Bridesmaids and A Few Best Men. Since then, has appeared in a number of comedy filmsincluding What to Expect When You’re … Read more

Anthony Perkins: el éxito con “Psicosis”, una tortuosa vida en el closet, y su doloroso final víctima del sida

1649573055 Anthony Perkins el exito con Psicosis una tortuosa vida en

Anthony Perkins trabajó con Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles y Stephen Sondheim, entre otras leyendas del cine y el teatro. (Getty Images) Anthony Perkins, el actor de Psicosis, se enteró que tenía Sida por los diarios. Una mañana de 1990, The National Enquirer, un tabloide, publicó que el actor era positivo de VIH. Su publicista negó … Read more

EX-DRIVER OF DESPIERTA AMERICA COMES OUT OF THE CLOSET? With a simple photo confirms everything? Francisca and Ana Patricia congratulate him: “I adore them” (PHOTO)


Ex-host of Despierta América, does he come out of the closet? A suspicious message from the former presenter and now businessman left everyone surprised Even Francisca Lachapel and Ana Patricia Gámez commented A few years have passed since Alejandro Chabán conquered thousands of fans like driver from Despierta América and is now a great businessman, … Read more

Mindy Kaling shows off weight loss in plunging black dress while in her closet: before and after photo – Reuters News in France and abroad

Mindy Kaling shows off weight loss in plunging black dress

Mindy Kaling showed off her slim figure as she tried on a plunging black dress in her closet in new before and after photos. Mindy Kaling42, has come a long way since his days on ‘Office,’ but one thing from Kelly Kapoor’s playbook that’s clearly stuck? Always have fun with fashion, no matter the occasion. … Read more