Harry Potter close to having a new movie in the next few years

Harry Potter close to having a new movie in the

The most beloved magicians of the cinema could return with a new installment Is another film about the best-known magician in the world coming up? The rumor is getting stronger and in recent days an information was published on the Puck News site in which they stated that they would be in negotiations to carry … Read more

Was the Arctic Monkeys mania born?: the most anticipated band of Primavera Sound and the fervor of an audience that wanted to be very close

Was the Arctic Monkeys mania born the most anticipated band

When in 2018 Arctic Monkeys He launched Tranquility base hotel & casinotheir sixth studio album, critics and audiences alike were initially somewhat taken aback, given the abrupt and notorious change in musical direction the band adopted from A.Mits successful and award-winning predecessor published in 2013. Five years after that event, the panorama was very different: … Read more

OMG! Henry Cavill would be close to returning as Superman (and this is what we know)

OMG Henry Cavill would be close to returning as Superman

We were always certain that henry cavill he had not finished his adventure as Superman. The truth is, we saw very little of him in just three productions: Man of Steel from 2013 (his only solo film), batman v superman in 2016, and Justice League from 2017 and the Zack Snyder cut for 2021. Couldn’t … Read more

This was the close relationship between “Cantinflas” and Elizabeth Taylor

Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”was one of the figures plus recognized of the world of show world. She knew how to shine Golden Age of Mexican Cinemaand its films they took him to USAwhere he met and established a close relationship with elizabeth taylorwho was a consecrated figure for her beauty, talent and participation in successful film … Read more

Police close business in which reggaeton activity was going to be carried out

Young man dubs famous anime and movies into Quechua on

The closure of a business that planned to carry out an activity of reggaetonthe occupation of several Firearmsa arrest and fines for violation of required permits were the result of an impact plan between the Policeman and the Planning Board. As explained in a police report, the plan was to inspect several establishments in the … Read more

Don’t Look Up: Disaster Movie Kind Close Encounters

Dont Look Up Disaster Movie Kind Close Encounters

NASA will test DART, its defense system against space threats 1:06 (CNN) — There is a giant rock above us. This is not a movie, much less a drill. But do not worry. Apparently, we can handle this. Or at least NASA does. This Monday, the spaceship Double Asteroid Redirection Test, or DART, is scheduled … Read more

Qué ver en Netflix: la sensacional elegía rural de Ron Howard por la que Glenn Close fue nominada tanto al Óscar como al Razzie

Que ver en Netflix la sensacional elegia rural de Ron

Una de las mejores cosas de la cultura streaming es la posibilidad de recuperar, con la adecuada distancia, títulos que fueron malentendidos por lo efímero del momento, los incordios de la globalización y el caprichoso maniqueísmo de los enfoques. Tal es el caso de ‘Hillbilly, una elegía rural‘, nacida para ser odiada desde el minuto … Read more