Fito, Beyoncé, Camilo… Singers who have made their children the protagonists of their video clips

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Sometimes singers leave a big gap in their jobs to the real stars of their lives: their children. Many of the offspring of renowned singers have become the main protagonists of their parents’ video clips. They are the cases of the children of Camilo, Beyonce, Pink and more recently Manuel Carrasco. We review which artists … Read more

The 5 clips of the week with Beyoncé, Joyner Lucas, French Montana, Lil Uzi Vert… [#189] • NBRAP

The 5 clips of the week with Beyonce Joyner Lucas

Every week, discover our selection of the 5 rap and R&B clips released in the last few days in the US… On the program today, French Montana accompanied by Coi Leray and 42 Dugg embark on a metro for the time of the clip of push-startJoyner Lucas comes to the defense of Kanye West in … Read more