Disney has a new classic! ‘Encanto’ exceeds all expectations

Disney has a new classic Encanto exceeds all

“Panela, arepa, chigüiro”, Were the words that some spectators repeated in one of the cinemas of Cinépolis, in Cali, where a special screening of Charm, the new movie of Disney Inspired by Colombia that, from its first minutes, connected with everyone. The words were whispered in the room because it is not common to hear … Read more

Spider-Man 4 will add 2 classic Marvel characters

1637331092 Spider Man 4 will add 2 classic Marvel characters

Share0 They are already planning the movie Spider-Man 4, where we will see the college years of Peter Parker (Tom Holland). Attention SPOILERS. It will be released very soon Spider-Man: No Way Home and it will probably have a tragic ending, where some important person such as MJ (zendaya), Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) or even … Read more

Vertigo, by Alfred Hitchcock, what did the critics say about this classic? | Tomatazos

Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock what did the critics say about

The story is known to all lovers of the “Master of suspense.” In 1952, the first joint work of the writers Pierre Boileau and Thomas narcejac came to bookstores under the title of The one who was no longer, a crime novel that recounts the revenge of the wife and mistress of a high school … Read more

Jake Gyllenhaal to remake a Patrick Swayze classic from the ’80s

1636793020 Jake Gyllenhaal to remake a Patrick Swayze classic from the

Share0 They are preparing a remake of a Patrick Swayze cult movie and they want Jake Gyllenhaal to be the lead. Road House titled By profession: hard O The hard depending on the country, it was released in 1989 and starred Patrick Swayze, Kelly Lynch, Sam Elliott, Ben Gazzara and Julie Michaels. Although it may … Read more

‘Elf 2’: why Will Ferrell turned down $ 29 million for making the sequel to the modern Christmas classic

Elf 2 why Will Ferrell turned down 29 million

The truth is that I could not say very well how it happened, but almost two decades after its premiere, the lovely ‘Elf’ from Jon favreau It has ended up becoming a modern Christmas classic to bring back each December that reaches our calendars. It may be because of its simple charm, because of its fantastic cast led by Will Ferrell and James Caan or for his lucid script written by David Berenbaum, but its success is undoubted.

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Famous actor was traumatized after filming “Terror Vacations”, a classic Mexican horror film

Famous actor was traumatized after filming Terror Vacations a classic

The mexican cinema has given many glories, not only in the considered Golden era, but also in horror productions, which rose to fame thanks to films you already consider classics like “Even the wind is afraid” from Carlos Enrique Taboada who established himself as a master in that genre. But among those films, already considered … Read more

Disney Plus | “Art Attack” Returns: With New Original Series, Disney + Reversals Classic Show

Disney Plus Art Attack Returns With New Original Series

“You don’t need to be an expert to be a great artist.” Disney+ announced the start of production of “Art Attack: Challenge Mode”, which brings back the iconic series that encouraged us all to be artists. This new Latin American original series from Disney + Original Productions made by Non Stop will face five artists … Read more

HBO Max: You Can’t Miss This Classic Jackie Chan Police Comedy

HBO Max You Cant Miss This Classic Jackie Chan Police

In recent weeks, people have searched for the best content within the platforms to consume the great time available they have due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus. HBO Max It is the perfect platform to spend hours of entertainment on classic movies and great series that have the best cast and great work … Read more

Star Plus: this movie is the best cult classic on the app; raised 254 times what it cost

Star Plus this movie is the best cult classic on

The film industry in Hollywood had one of its best moments in the late 1990s, as several memorable tapes emerged that were also more easily preserved thanks to technology. The peculiar way of telling stories from that time is something that makes these films true cult classics. “The Full Monty“It is one of the productions … Read more