La hazaña de Cher Ami, la paloma mensajera que salvó a todo un Ejército en la Gran Guerra

La hazana de Cher Ami la paloma mensajera que salvo

Cher Ami fue disecado y ahora se encuentra en el Museo Smithsoniano de Historia Estadounidense. (Foto: Archivo Nacional de EE.UU) En la historia de los conflictos bélicos las palomas jugaron un papel trascendental pues, gracias a su fácil domesticación y la velocidad a la que vuelan, decenas evitaron la muerte de más de un militar. … Read more

Oprah Winfrey and Cher remember their friend Sidney Poitier

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At the premiere of ‘Sidney’, which took place at the Museum of the Film Academy in Los Angeles, the presenter explained that “I had a bond with the actor that I really didn’t have nor have I had with anyone else” Oprah Winfrey and Cher have remembered Sidney Poitier as a moving figure, both in … Read more

What happened to the cast of ‘Clueless’ 27 years after its premiere? Cher looks unrecognizable

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

Paul Rudd, Josh in ‘Clueless’ Paul Rudd (whom you can also see on ’40-year-old virgin’ on ViX+, ViX’s premium streaming service) He is one of the members of the cast of ‘Clueless’ who achieved the most fame in his career as an actor. Suffice it to say that he joined the Marvel universe, he has … Read more

Cher, upset with a fan of Dua Lipa after this unexpected comparison

Cher upset with a fan of Dua Lipa after this

Cher has reacted to a tweet from a somewhat upset Dua Lipa fan. The American, who did not like a comment that has gone viral on Twitter, she has not been able to shut up when compared to the interpreter of OneKiss. Cher has been on the music boat for many years. The Californian artist, … Read more

Cher Makes a Terrible Misstep in Heartfelt Tribute Post to Late Queen Elizabeth II – Home

Cher Makes a Terrible Misstep in Heartfelt Tribute Post to scaled

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: American singer Cher was among the famous personalities to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II after her sad death at the age of 96, but the ‘Goddess of Pop’ ruined her emojis. COMMERCIAL The American television personality born in May met Queen Elizabeth in 1988, at the premiere of Steven Spielberg’s Empire … Read more

If Julia Roberts and George Clooney had rejected ‘Journey to Paradise’, the Cher method would have been launched: “There was no Plan B”

If Julia Roberts and George Clooney had rejected Journey to

The actors star in the new romantic comedy from Ol Parker, director of ‘Mamma Mia! And again’. We spoke with him and the cast of the film. In theaters this Friday! When Ol Parker set to writing and developing his new romantic comedy, Julia Roberts and George Clooney were already cast in his head as … Read more

Event – Open your eyes in the libraries of Cher

Portrait Clermontoise Estelle Baldassin has already shot alongside

It begins on Saturday September 3, in Neuilly-en-Sancerre, with the discovery of cyanotype, this extremely simple and monochrome photographic process. And it ends at the end of November in Saint-Michel-de-Volangis, with workshops to create a photo novel. This fall, twenty-nine libraries in the department are organizing events on the theme of photography, coordinated and financed … Read more

Loisirs – Vide-donjon, rifles, dîners dansants… Que faire dans le Cher ce samedi ?

Portrait Clermontoise Estelle Baldassin has already shot alongside

Comice agricole, marche, expositions, animaux, matériel agricole, concours de labour, musique, animations diverses, feu d’artifice, soirée DJ, avec Jean-Marc Rondet, ferme de la Mocquerie (9 heures). Festif, pédagogique, traditionnel… À Charenton-du-Cher, se tiendra ce week-end le seul comice agricole de l’année Couy Fêtes des Chieuves, par l’AEP de Couy, soirée dansante animée par Jace (20 heures). À … Read more

Dinosaurs reappear in Selles sur Cher

Dinosaurs reappear in Selles sur Cher

Appearing on August 13 and 14, 2022, the dinosaurs of Selles sur Cher return this Saturday 20, and until the 26 inclusive. Hoping that the administration will then grant the management of Dashantu Park better than a provisional authorization. By Jean-Luc Bouland The 44 dinosaurs of the new attractive space located in the park of … Read more