Rock band disguises itself as the characters of ‘El Chavo del 8’ and causes a furor

Rock band disguises itself as the characters of El Chavo

El Chavo del 8 is part of popular culture throughout Ibero-America (REUTERS/Carlos Jasso). There are television programs that mark generations, but very few become pop phenomena that cross the barriers of time and language to become true sociocultural milestones. One of them is ‘El Chavo del 8’, which, thanks to a TikTok that quickly went … Read more

“Losing my ham cake”: rock band dressed up as Chavo del 8 characters and went viral on TikTok

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A musical group paid tribute to the show’s iconic characters during a presentation in Brazil. (Capture: TikTok/@ericomalagoli) TikTok he did it one more time. This platform is known today as “the social network of the moment” And with good reason, since more and more users are joining the long list of content creators. From cooking … Read more

Chavo Grinder, the metal band that is a tribute to Chavo del 8

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‘The Chavo of 8′, the top television show by Roberto Gómez Bolaños, had an impact that has crossed Mexican borders. It is one of the most famous Mexican series of all time and has reached Europe, Asia and Oceania, the Spanish-speaking communities of the United States and other Latin American countries. In Argentinathe metal scene … Read more

Shakira: Will Florinda Meza sue the singer for copying Chavo del 8?

Shakira: Will Florinda Meza sue the singer for copying Chavo del 8? florinda is in the eye of the hurricane after appearing in a video circulating on social networks in which he expresses his annoyance with Shakira for alleged plagiarism. And it is that the demands are nothing new for the Colombian singer who has … Read more

The true story of Don Ramón and the Witch of 71 from “El Chavo del 8” in real life

The Chavo of 8 It was one of the most successful Latin American comedy series not only on Mexican television but also in the world. Some of his characters have awakened stories that fans follow closely or who seek to discover what is the case of two of the most beloved characters in the series … Read more

VIDEO: ‘La Chilindrina’ reconciles with Roberto Gómez and gives glimpses of what is coming with ‘El Chavo del Ocho’

One of the most emblematic programs on Hispanic television was undoubtedly “El Chavo del 8”, and has marked generations with each of his characters, such as “The chilindrina” whose actress starred in a strong lawsuit for more than 10 years with the creator of the project, Roberto Gomez Bolanos. Over time, rumors have emerged about … Read more

Who are the children of Roberto Gómez Bolaños, the creator of El Chavo del 8

The Chavo of 8 is probably the production of Televisa Group most successful of all time. It was broadcast for the first time in June 1971 and immediately knew how to capture the attention of viewers. The hilarious scenes that took place in the neighborhood amused both adults and children. Today, five decades after its … Read more

This was the time that Professor Jirafales from “El Chavo del 8” was discriminated against in real life

The character of Professor Jirafales interpreted by Ruben Aguirre was one of the most emblematic in the series of The Chavo of 8. With his airs of superiority within the neighborhood and his seductive techniques with Doña Florinda, he managed to win the affection of the public through the years in which he recorded the … Read more

Chavo del 8: the reason why “Professor Jirafales” was discriminated against in real life

The Professor Jirafales is one of the many beloved and endearing characters of the Mexican children’s series “El Chavo del 8”. And although the actor who gave him life, the also adorable Ruben Aguirre passed away in 2016, he and his character will always live in the memory of hundreds of thousands of fans of … Read more

What was it like to be the daughter of Don Ramón, the most beloved in the neighborhood of El Chavo del 8

Ramon Valdes he won the affection of hundreds and hundreds of people in the world by playing Mr Ramonthe grumpiest man in The Chavo of 8the famous comedy program created by Roberto Gomez Bolanos. Although he had the worst character of all the characters in the neighborhood, he managed to cross the small screen and … Read more