Fast & Furious 10: Brie Larson gives information on her mystery character

Fast Furious 10 Brie Larson gives information on her

Brie Larson shows a little more about her role in FastX by Louis Leterrier, a new part of the saga Fast & Furious. While filming the next Fast & Furious started since last April, we still have very little information on the first part of the so-called conclusion of the saga. However, Vin Diesel’s family … Read more

Brie Larson revealed crucial details about her character in Fast & Furious 10

The actress Brie Larson He shared crucial details about the mysterious character that he will play in Fast X (Fast and Furious 10), the new installment of the successful saga that is already in the final stretch of its production. To date, very few details are known about the history of Fast X and almost … Read more

“The concert quenista” was applauded by Billy Idol: who is this iconic Peruvian character?

The concert quenista was applauded by Billy Idol who is

A noble gesture. british artist billy idol He moved his followers by thanking Latin America for the warm reception he received at the concerts that were part of his “The Roadside Tour 2022” tour. But what caught the attention of users was the video he shared, where a Peruvian musician is seen playing the quena. … Read more

The Disney actress who dreams of becoming an X-Men character

Halle Bailey is one of the actresses of the moment thanks to her leading role in the live-action remake of “The little Mermaid”whose trailer was presented at the D23. While the young woman turns a deaf ear to the racist comments against her, she focuses on the great reception by girls from the black and … Read more

Indiana Jones 5 deals a blow to nostalgia by confirming the return of a beloved character

Although 2023 has a large number of movies on its list, without a doubt one of the strongest will be indiana jones 5. The fifth and last film of the saga had its great moment during the D23Expo of Disney. Those present were able to see a small fragment of the footage and now the … Read more

Isabella Sierra, Sofía in La Reina del Sur, talks about her character in the third season

Isabella Sierra Sofia in La Reina del Sur talks about

LOS ANGELES — The third season of La Reina del Sur, arrives with Teresa Mendoza in a prison in the United States and with her daughter Sofía Dantes, a fearless and rebellious teenager to build a plot of complicity, love, forgiveness and fidelity. In this season “there is going to be a change in the … Read more

‘The People’s Joker’: this is the “illegal and queer” parody of the DC character that Warner does not want you to see

1655010171 If this thing is a hit you can do four

The Toronto Film Festival has just given us a big surprise with ‘The People’s Joker’because it has decided to remove this parody of the character from DC after a legal claim by Warner. Obviously, this controversial decision has not gone unnoticed and now there is a question of to what extent it can lead to … Read more

The Indiana Jones 5 trailer seen at D23 confirms the return of a mythical character and his final title

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

This past weekend was the D23Expo of Disney with new previews of what is to come in franchises as powerful as MarvelStar Wars or Disney’s own productions and Fox. Although it was also the first staging of indiana jones 5since attendees at the panel of the next film starring Harrison Ford enjoyed the first official … Read more

Denzel Washington very close to joining the MCU with an important character

Marvel has it all planned. This was demonstrated by her during the San Diego Comic-Conwhere he revealed his future plans for the direction the studio is heading in, spanning up to Phase 6. In addition to revealing the two big avengers with which the saga of the multiverseThey were also responsible for revealing a large … Read more

James Bond: The standout character in all of Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig’s films (besides 007) | Pretty Reel

James Bond The standout character in all of Pierce Brosnan

The character that stands out in every James Bond movie tends to be James Bond himself. Whether played by Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig, 007 is the shining star of all his adventures. But the gentleman spy in the icy tuxedo often has to share the spotlight with supporting players, from eccentric villains to mysterious … Read more