La Esposa: How many chapters does the new Antena 3 series have?

Meta continues its expansion across Web 30 with the announcement

The television season begins and Antena 3 already has everything more than ready. In fact, one of the big bets of the chain has been the series Wifea fiction of Italian origin that reaped all kinds of successes in its homeland during its broadcast. said production will officially land in our country this Wednesday 14 … Read more

Netflix: the series of suspense and terror that will leave you glued to the armchair for 7 chapters

Horror movies and series do not have half measures, and the public is divided -unfailingly- into two clear and antagonistic positions: either people love them and enjoy them like few things, or they hate them and try to avoid them at all costs. It’s something that usually doesn’t arouse any other genre. And in Netflix … Read more

Netflix: the series about a crime in the ’90s that lasts only 4 chapters

Probably the scariest thing about the already chilling plot of the series “In Depth: The Disappearance of Birgit Meier” -available in Netflix– is that it is a true story. The murder of a woman in Germany, the ineffectiveness of the police and the tireless work of the victim’s brother are all true facts, which occurred … Read more

“The Umbrella Academy”, season 4: what we know about the new chapters

1656217322 The Umbrella Academy season 4 what we know about the

The Season 3 of “The Umbrella Academy” has come to an end and left several unfinished business. For this reason, the followers of the series starring Elliot Pagewonder if they can learn more about the mysteries of this universe and your favorite characters in a next installment. The Netflix series is inspired by the graphic … Read more

How to see “The paper house: Korea”: ​​chapters, date and time of release

How to see The paper house Korea ​​chapters date and

The worldwide phenomenon caused by “The Money Heist” was so big that it reached millions of fans in every part of the globe, who were left wanting more about this series that, without a doubt, marked a before and after for Spanish productions on the streaming platform. Netflix. Although the original version of this plot … Read more

This is the new series of only 4 chapters that came to Netflix and is already all the rage

Final goodbye to Robert Downey Jr Marvel already has an

Netflix Netflix has a new series that is currently making waves and here we will tell you the reasons why you should not let it go. By Enzo Wheel 06/21/2022 – 14:20 UTC 06/21/2022 – 14:20 UTC © BBCThis is the new series of only 4 chapters that came to Netflix and is already all … Read more

Get ready! The final two chapters of Stranger Things will be as long as a movie

The announcement was made by Netflix this Tuesday, a preview of the season finale with the trailer for the final two chapters and the duration of each one. The producers of stranger things they decided to split the fourth season into two parts. The two final chapters will be released on July 1 on the … Read more

Review of Ms. Marvel chapters 1 and 2 – The teen comedy joins the Marvel imaginary

1654613312 Review of Ms Marvel chapters 1 and 2 The

Since some years, Marvel is fighting hard to renew and update its image, not only in film and television, but also in the comics themselves, where “everything is born”. One of the main champions of this trend is Ms. Marvel. Kamala Khan, the protagonist of this story, hasn’t been starring in her own cartoons for … Read more

The Netflix miniseries that lasts 7 chapters, just premiered and is already all the rage

The Netflix miniseries that lasts 7 chapters just premiered and.webp

This production reached the streaming platform on April 28 and is already among the most viewed. Netflix prepares to launch new releases of may 2022but at the same time some productions that premiered at the end of April occupy the top positions in the ranking of the most watched, … Read more

It lasts 10 chapters and has just been released on Netflix: what is the unmissable series

1650546635 It lasts 10 chapters and has just been released on

The streaming giant has just launched a Colombian production that is shaping up to surpass other hits like Café con aroma de mujer. Netflix continues its good walk and continues launching different productions that quickly become a resounding success, as is the case with Hunchthe new series that has … Read more