“Help my family get out!”: despair and chaos in the main port of Sudan due to a conflict that has already left more than 500 dead

Help my family get out despair and chaos in the

Lyse Doucet BBC Chief International Correspondent, Port Sudan 1 hour image source, AFP Caption, Evacuees rest aboard a Saudi naval ship as it travels from Port Sudan to Jeddah. In the dead of night, as the HMS Al Diriyah neared the coast of Sudan, Saudi agents turned on searchlights to ensure the warship’s safe passage … Read more

Perry Farrell and the return of Jane’s Addiction: “It is a beautiful time, because there is chaos, there is anarchy, but there is also love”

Perry Farrell and the return of Janes Addiction It is

One way or another, chaos seems doomed to rule the universe of Jane’s Addiction. With an exotic and hedonistic proposal, the band born in Los Angeles in 1985 did not take long to become one of the strongest pillars of the alternative culture of the nineties thanks to its own style where funk metal, psychedelia, … Read more

Francis Ford Coppola denies the chaos on the set of Megalopolis: Adam Driver comes to his defense

Francis Ford Coppola denies the chaos on the set of

The alleged chaos that reigned on the set of Megalopolis, the new and long-awaited sci-fi film from famous director Francis Ford Coppola, was recently revealed through an article published exclusively by the famous media The Hollywood Reporter. In this article, you could read things like Coppola had fired several key collaborators from the art and … Read more

Aubrey Plaza and Joe Locke Join the Cast of ‘Agatha: Coven of Chaos’

Aubrey Plaza and Joe Locke Join the Cast of Agatha

Lhe MCU series started out strong, although at first the pseudo-fans hated the first episode of Wanda/Vision (because they did not understand the approach of the series). We went from “what the hell is this?” a “like Agatha there are not two!” in a matter of weeks and Scarlet Witch was shaping up to be … Read more

Lethal Weapon 5: Mel Gibson still believes in it, despite the chaos behind the scenes

Lethal Weapon 5 Mel Gibson still believes in it despite

Lethal Weapon 5 : Mel Gibson blames the Warner/Discovery merger for the delay of the project, whose future seems more uncertain than ever, a few months after the death of director Richard Donner. Ah, the 1980s, a time that could seem so distant, were it not for the abundance of nostalgic productions referring to it. … Read more

Bryan Mantia (ex-Guns N’ Roses) explains why it took so long for “Chinese Democracy” to be released and recalls “the chaos” of his early days in the band – MariskalRock.com

Bryan Mantia ex Guns N Roses explains why it took so

August 13, 2022 8:12 pm published by Drafting – The story behind the creation of an album that became a legend before it was even released, ‘Chinese Democracy’ of Guns N’ Roses, you will always have pages to discover from those who helped shape it, and different points of view depending on the role that … Read more

Star of ’50 shades of Grey’ confessed that filming the film was chaos

Star of 50 shades of Grey confessed that filming the

It’s been 7 years since it was released ’50 shades of gray’ and despite the fact that it was one of the most censored and controversial films, it has not stopped reaping successes, especially due to the impeccable performance of its protagonists Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. But to the surprise of many, despite the … Read more

The sniper: chaos, tensions and a dying actor for a wild and unforgettable film

The sniper chaos tensions and a dying actor for a

The effects of the endless war in Vietnam were devastating for American society. And Hollywood cinema obviously took care of reflecting that enormous trauma, particularly in the 70s, when great films like Taxi driver, apocalypse Now, return without glory Y The Sniper, whose filming was full of epic and very difficult moments. From the conception … Read more

“No one is going to believe you”: the complicated personality of Bill Murray, half a century of chaos on and off the set

No one is going to believe you the complicated personality

Having Bill Murray in a film is a guarantee of many things: its commercial viability – that so many careers of directors indie has propelled—, the immediate sympathy on the part of the public, an unexpected depth for the characters he plays thanks to the expressiveness of his face or the sparks of genius derived … Read more

Sam Rockwell recalls how the ‘chaos’ of his childhood inspired him to become an actor

Sam Rockwell recalls how the chaos of his childhood inspired

Acting is in Sam Rockwell’s blood. Thanks to his parents, Rockwell knew he wanted to be an actor from an early age. When he was five, his parents separated and he went to live with his father in San Francisco. He spent every summer with his mother in New York, and when he was about … Read more