Christina Aguilera confesses that the music industry tried to change her Latin last name

Christina Aguilera confesses that the music industry tried to change

Christina Aguilera is, without a doubt, one of the most loved and respected pop icons. The singer rose to fame in 1998, after recording the song reflection, for the soundtrack of the Disney Channel Original Movie, Mulan. From that moment on, dozens of hits that have marked the history of pop music, such as Genie … Read more

Wait, were tiebreaker games eliminated in MLB? Here’s what the rule change means for this season

Wait were tiebreaker games eliminated in MLB Heres what the

There have been 12 single-game tiebreakers in MLB history. Each of them brought the nerves and anticipation of a playoff matchup, even though they were played as regular-season games, but Game No. 163 is now a thing of the past. With the launch of an expanded playoff format in October, MLB decided there was no … Read more

Surprising change of Amy Adams for ‘Disenchanted’.

Surprising change of Amy Adams for Disenchanted

It has been 15 years since the premiere of Enchanted, the film starring Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams in which she told the story of an animated storybook princess who was about to marry her prince Edward (James Marsden), and as a result of a witchcraft falls into a well that leads her to a … Read more

The surprising change of look of Jason Momoa

Elon Musk claims he is working to prevent Tesla from scaled

Jason Momoa youHe had a radical change of look. According to the actor, he did it to raise awareness about single-use plastics. Momoa’s change In a post shared on Instagram on September 5, you see the actor Aquaman cutting off their hair completely in the name of protecting the environment. In this way, Momoa is … Read more

How does climate change affect the live industry? – Music Industry

Stranger Things The terrifying reason why Millie Bobby Brown cried

Climate change-induced heat waves in the US and Europe are having widespread detrimental effects on the music touring industry. Adam Met, of the trio AJR said to rolling stone that in Little Rock, Arkansas, their contract called for a 60-minute performance, but after twenty minutes they decided that it was no longer safe to perform, … Read more

5 PHOTOS of Lucerito Mijares that show she is IDENTICAL to her mother after a change of look

Lucerito Mijares surprised everyone attending his concert after he appeared with a change of look with which it shines identical to its breastthat’s why today we show you 5 Photos of the little daughter of Manuel Mijares that demonstrate his great resemblance to bright Star. with these 5 Photos You will notice how similar mother … Read more

From the change of look of Nicolas Cage to the new love of Emma Watson: celebrities in a click

From the change of look of Nicolas Cage to the

Plus, Heidi Klum stunning in a sparkly silver bodycon dress and Emily Ratajkowski on her first bachelorette outing Nicolas Cage was spotted shopping for groceries in Las Vegas on Saturday, wearing a long-sleeved white shirt, a blazer and sporting his new bright red hair (The Grosby Group) Emma Watson was seen in Venice, “the city … Read more

Marvel Theory: Black Panther 2 Will Change The MCU Forever

Marvel Theory Black Panther 2 Will Change The MCU Forever

The next movie that we will see from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in theaters will be Black Panther 2 and it could change everything according to an interesting theory. So far, we know few details of Black Panther 2but from the trailers, we are sensing that there will be a great conflict between Wakanda and … Read more

Ricky Martin’s new physical change that left his fans baffled

Ricky Martins new physical change that left his fans baffled

Ricky Martin surprised his followers with his physical change Ricky Martin He is one of the most influential artists on the continent. His songs marked an era and still continue to be a trend among the new generations. A few weeks ago, the Puerto Rican was involved in a family scandal due to a complaint … Read more

Between Harry Potter, the price of PS5 and the Coldplay concert I can’t take it anymore: it’s time to change something now

Between Harry Potter the price of PS5 and the Coldplay

It is that it is absurd. We live in a time when, with the easy access we have to absolutely everything through a simple mobile phone, everything should be much easier. It seems that there is someone deliberately enjoys generating negative and nervous emotions in people. Or who profits from it. I would say rather … Read more