‘Argentina, 1985’ lost at the Critic’s Choice Awards, but does what left the ceremony predict the Oscars?

1673884984 Argentina 1985 lost at the Critics Choice Awards but does

It swept “Everything Everywhere at the Same Time,” while Golden Globe winners “The Fabelmans” and “The Island Spirits” lost. As we already reported last night, Argentina, 1985 could not repeat what happened at the Golden Globes, and it was the Indian production RRR the one that won in the category of best international film. The … Read more

Why Dua Lipa did not want to sing at the opening ceremony of the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Why Dua Lipa did not want to sing at the

Dua Lipa show at the Argentine Polo Field. – Credits: @Marcelo Gómez british singer Dua Lipa said on Sunday that will not participate in the opening of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. “I am looking forward to visiting Qatar when has fulfilled all the promises in terms of human rights what he did when he … Read more

Ceremony Festival 2023: Reveal poster with Travis Scott, MIA and Jamie XX at the head

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

The festival ceremony is back!, and has returned in a big way, since this Tuesday they revealed the sign of the next edition that will take place in 2023 and everything seems to indicate that it will be incredible. The foregoing, because they will celebrate the first 10 years of festival life with artists like … Read more

Andrea Bocelli delighted with his music at the Ballon d’Or ceremony | VIDEO

This documentary can help you love the Holy Mass much

The 2022 Ballon d’Or ceremony takes place this Monday at the Châtelet Theater in Paris, under the organization of France Football magazine. In this edition of the gala, the Italian singer Andrea Bocelli was in charge of delighting with his music in the opening show. The outstanding artist began with his interpretation after the applause … Read more

VIDEO: Christian Nodal and Cazzu appear for the first time together at an award ceremony

VIDEO Christian Nodal and Cazzu appear for the first time

The 2022 Gardel Awards gala, the prize awarded by the Argentine Chamber of Phonogram and Videogram Producers (Capif) to the best music in that country, gave much to talk about at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as in installment number 24 one of the protagonists was the singer of Regional Mexicano, Christian Nodalas … Read more

Disembarkation in Las Vegas in two private jets and a 4-minute ceremony: the wedding of Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra

Disembarkation in Las Vegas in two private jets and a

On July 19, 1966, an unequal couple for whom hardly anyone saw a future got married in Las Vegas. 30 years apart and opposite lifestyles seemed like too much of a border to mia farrow Y Frank Sinatra, the most shocking wedding couple of the 60s. However, despite their age, different tastes, rumors and a … Read more

They reveal “ambush” that they did to Liza Minnelli at the Oscars ceremony

They reveal ambush that they did to Liza Minnelli at

Hollywood history will remember this year’s Oscars as an unmitigated disaster. It is likely that in a short time no one will remember that CODA was the winning movie of the night but everyone will have in mind the so-called slapgate, the violent reaction, captured by the cameras, that Will Smith had in front of … Read more

Grammy 2022: the Will Smith effect sneaks into a ceremony that prohibits Kanye West from acting

1649005497 Grammy 2022 the Will Smith effect sneaks into a ceremony

Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo at a ‘Variety’ magazine party in Los Angeles on December 4, 2021.Stefanie Keenan (Getty Images for Variety) After the slap of Will Smith to Chris Rock A week ago, the controversies of the Grammys have passed into the category of childishness. Impossible to beat this year at the Oscars. But … Read more

Oscar 2022: John Travolta and Uma Thurman recreate the best scene of ‘Pulp Fiction’ in full ceremony

1648826193 Oscar 2022 John Travolta and Uma Thurman recreate the best

Fans of Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace, speak up! And accept that watching Uma Thurman and John Travolta dance was the second best act of the Oscar night. Samuel L Jackson, John Travolta and umma thurman took to the stage at the 94th Oscar to award Will Smith Best Actor for his work on tennis … Read more