Natalie Portman’s trick to grow 30 centimeters in Thor: Love and Thunder

For “Thor: Love and Thunder”, Natalie Portman he had to undergo a strenuous exercise regimen to find the physical build he required mighty thorand also to use a trick to go from measuring 1.57 to 1.80 like the character. to find the height no special effects or platform shoes were usedthe way that Taika Waititi … Read more

The “secret” concerts of Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones) in bars: “I was literally 30 centimeters from people”

In a new interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, the emblematic guitarist Joe Satriani has remembered what it was like to go on tour with Mick Jagger, who recruited him for his solo tour in 1988. The truth is that good old Jagger, one of the best-known guys in the world, was very tempted to try … Read more