This was the photo session with which Leticia Perdigón defied censorship in 1975

Leticia PerdigonMexican film and television actress, was undoubtedly an outstanding edge of the “file cinema” since he began his acting career with the movie “Eva y Darío” and in the telenovela “Mi rival” in 1973 and even came to appear in more than forty television programs and fifty movies. cinema. for 1974 Leticia Perdigon managed … Read more

Queen’s revolution in Iran: It was the first band to break 25 years of rock censorship

Stranger Things The terrifying reason why Millie Bobby Brown cried

It was a surprise. After 25 years of criminalizing and banning Western music, persecuting and punishing those caught listening to it, some of those songs deemed ‘depraved’ received the official seal of approval from the Islamic Republic of Iran. It was in October 2004, when Queen went down in history and became the first rock … Read more

Calamaro: “Humor supports capricious but ignorant censorship cornered”

“A controversy that lasts one day is not a controversy, nor is it anything.” “Digital explosions are not completely true to me, they are spaces that are manipulated”. “These times undermine the sense of humor, which supports capricious but ignorant censorship cornered.” Calamaro’s voice does not tremble to say it or his hand to write … Read more

Margot Robbie and a scene that left her on the brink of censorship

If we talk about talented actresses today, the name of margot robbie it is one that is often on the lips of producers, directors and even actors and actresses who want to work with her. The Australian performer He made his debut on the small screen and did not hesitate to make the leap and … Read more

Censorship in Cuba: Emilio Frías is turned off the microphone in full concert – VIDEO

Censorship in Cuba Emilio Frias is turned off the microphone

Twitter Censorship in Cuba of the singer Emilio Frías. Before leaving with his tour to Mexico, Emilio Frías had planned this Sunday to close his last concert in Havana, Cuba, with his new song “Cambio”. However, the Cuban artist fwas the victim of a worrying -and repeated- case of censorship, because from one moment to … Read more

Israel Rojas rejects censorship against El Niño and the Truth: “All ideas have to be exposed”

Stranger Things The terrifying reason why Millie Bobby Brown cried

Israel Rojasgroup leader Good faith and prominent defender of the Cuban regime, rejected censorship against Emilio Friasdirector of the orchestra “El Niño y la Verdad”. “I do not agree with what happened in the Casa de la Música de Galiano with Emilio Frías (El Niño) and his group. Unless the work is an affront to … Read more

Censorship in Cuba: the dictatorship interrupted a music show for a critical song

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The moment in which the Cuban dictatorship censors and interrupts a show by singer Emilio Frías in Havana A new episode of censorship took place this weekend Cuba. A concert in Havana by the popular Cuban singer Emilio Friasdirector of the El Niño y la Verdad orchestra, was abruptly interrupted on Saturday night by regime … Read more

El Niño reacts to censorship in his concert and predicts the end of “an absurd bloodthirsty ideology”

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Cuban singer and songwriter Emilio Friasconductor of the orchestra The Boy and the Truthreacted to censorship episode of which he was a victim this Saturday and he did it with a shocking text in which He warned that “one day everything will be different in Cuba” and that the end of what he described as … Read more

The scene with Penélope Cruz that left her on the verge of censorship

Penelope Cruz She is one of the most acclaimed actresses of all time. She began her career in the early 1990s. After a long career in Spain working with top Spanish filmmakers, the actress made the leap to Hollywood in the early 2000s. Her first English-language film was The angel of desirewhich was followed Wild … Read more

The film that shows Ana de Armas and Keanu Reeves without censorship

1661583832 The film that shows Ana de Armas and Keanu Reeves

They are two of the actors of the moment. Anne of Arms has become the actress everyone wants to work with, while Keanu Reeves He is the most loved Hollywood actor by fans and his colleagues. Both are possessors of great talent and although many do not remember it, they shared the screen on more … Read more