We came out in the video!: CDMX starred in ‘Hold me closer’, the new video by Britney Spears and Elton John

Rosalia in Mexico City You have my heart stolen

The singers Britney Spears and Elton John they chose Mexico City as the protagonist to record your new song “Hold Me Closer”the music video will have its premiere next Tuesday, September 27. In a clip that was uploaded to present the video, some cablebus aerial shotsas well as the presence of some dancers with very … Read more

‘Evil eye’: All the real locations you can visit in CDMX

Evil eye All the real locations you can visit in

The theaters of our country continue to be watched by the terrifying witch from ‘Mal de ojo’, a film that was filmed in different places in Mexico City, which you can visit and feel inside the story directed by Isaac Ezban. If your favorite genre is horror, it is very likely that by now you … Read more

Meet the bar where Dua Lipa experienced the tremor in CDMX after her concert

On the morning of this September 22 the Mexico City experienced a new earthquake that gathered thousands of people outside houses and premises, however, there was a personality who also took to the streets and drew attention to what happened thanks to the social networkswe are talking about Dua Lipabecause the British singer was in … Read more

Dua Lipa kicked a Dr. Simi during her concert in CDMX, but fans forgave her because she spoke in Spanish: “It’s perfect”

Dua Lipa kicked a Dr Simi during her concert in

Dr. Simi and Dua Lipa (Photos: tiktok) During the night of last Wednesday, Dua Lipa showed up at the Mexico City Sun Forum to captivate her most assiduous fans with her greatest hits, however, a moment of tension was experienced when the famous kicked one of the already emblematic Dr. Simi. And it is that, … Read more

Dua Lipa: the funniest memes that her fans shared for her walk in CDMX

Dua Lipa the funniest memes that her fans shared for scaled

The popular pop artist arrived in Mexico to offer two concerts that promise to be unforgettable, so Internet users reacted with memes to her visit (Photo: Twitter screenshot) The night of this Wednesday, September 21 promises to be unforgettable for Dua Lipa and for thousands of Mexican fans who will meet at Foro Sol to … Read more

Mar de Regil designed a jacket for Camilo; This is how the Colombian wore it at his CDMX concert

Mar de Regil designed a jacket for Camilo This is

The Colombian showed off the jacket (Photo: IG marderegil._) Though Regil’s Sea She has not followed in the footsteps of her mother, Bárbara de Regil, in acting. The young woman has started studying to be a fashion designer a few months ago and, on this occasion, she was moved on social networks after Camilo used … Read more

Dr. Simi conquered the stage at the Iron Maiden concert in CDMX

Dr Simi conquered the stage at the Iron Maiden concert

Dr. Simi stuffed animals at the Iron Maiden concert. (Photo: Twitter @Saul_Avecilla / @miicch) Iron Maiden, the legendary heavy metal band Originally from England, he returned to Mexico after three years in detention due to restrictions stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. the night of this Wednesday September 07 the sky the Foro Sol lit up … Read more

Pure roll: This is the possible Iron Maiden setlist for their concert at CDMX

Pure roll This is the possible Iron Maiden setlist for

Many of us thought that this would never happen but after almost two years, concerts and festivals are part of our new normality and that makes us very happy because to be honest, we missed seeing our favorite bands on stage. And if metal beats you, surely you are counting down the days for the … Read more

Actor of the movie “Nosotros los Nobles” now has his restaurant in CDMX

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

One of the films that most captivated our generation, not to say that it became one of our favorites, without a doubt that was the We the noble. A little bit in context, in case you didn’t see it, we might think you wouldn’t be from this world, it tells the story of a father … Read more

Rosalía performed ‘Forgive me’ by La Factoría at her concert in CDMX

Rosalia performed Forgive me by La Factoria at her concert scaled

Photo: Getty Images The rudeness of quality left by the Spanish singer Rosalía in Mexico City during her concert at the National Auditorium on the occasion of her international tour Motomami World Tour last Sunday, August 14, they continue to give their avid fans something to talk about on social networks. On this occasion the … Read more