Maribel Guardia refused to participate in Netflix’s “reality” that caused a lawsuit between Mexican divas

Maribel Guardia refused to participate in Netflixs reality that caused

A diva drama. Those words are the ones that sum it up perfectly. you always queenthe new rreality show Netflix that shows the true face of the beloved Mexican actresses and singers Laura Zapata, Lucía Méndez, Sylvia Pasquel and Lorena Herrera. Lawsuits, annoyances and a lot of drama will mark the six episodes of the … Read more

‘Terrifier’ and the films that have caused blackouts in the cinema

Terrifier and the films that have caused blackouts in the

There will be people who call themselves very brave, but horror movies always get one scare or another; Movies like ‘Terrifier’ and ‘The Exorcist’ made people swoon. Find out what other films have earned this warning title. Halloween is the perfect excuse for production companies to release horror movies. Horror movies are the favorite of … Read more

The irreparable tragedy caused by Edoardo Bennato after composing Italian Un’estate, the unforgettable song of Italy 90

The irreparable tragedy caused by Edoardo Bennato after composing Italian

“Un’state italiano”, the song of Italia 90, by Gianna Nannini and Edoardo Bennato Edward Bennato Y Gianna Nanini They went down in World Cup history without ever having kicked a ball. It is that together they created the anthem of the World Cups, the one that musicalized Italy 90: “Un’estate Italian”. Figures in their country … Read more

USS Alabama: why the film caused a falling out between Denzel Washington and Quentin Tarantino? – CineSeries

USS Alabama why the film caused a falling out between

After signing the script for “True Romance”, Quentin Tarantino collaborates again with Tony Scott on “USS Alabama”, working on certain dialogues. While on set, the director of “Pulp Fiction” suffered the wrath of Denzel Washington. USS Alabama : on the brink of nuclear war Released in 1995, USS Alabama Mark the first collaboration between Tony … Read more

The classic film that is on Netflix and caused controversy around the world

Movies based on real events often generate controversy due to the focus given to the facts, and the degree to which those responsible for making the film manipulate reality to bring it to the screen. Because, after all, every film has its fiction. The issue is that there are times when the staging is manipulated … Read more

The actors who have caused the most deaths in movies (Sylvester Stallone is not number 1)

The actors who have caused the most deaths in movies

One of the constants in action movies is gratuitous violence; This explains why, from Sylvester Stallone to Arnold Schwarzenegger, the deadliest actors on screen come from this genre. Since Violent times until Time to killgoing by Jackie BrownSamuel L. Jackson is, at least on screen, deadlier than some of Hollywood’s most famous action stars. We … Read more

Alejandra Guzman’s fall caused deep pain, During a concert

Alejandra Guzmans fall caused deep pain During a concert

One of the most popular music in the world right now, Alejandra Guzman, has been injured during a concert. The incident took place on September 27 when she encountered a heavy fall during a concert. This caused chaos among the public. She was performing in Washington, USA, for the Hispanic Heritage Foundation. Her reason was … Read more

Drew Barrymore caused controversy for his striking way of eating pizza

Drew Barrymore caused controversy for his striking way of eating

It is true that tastes are tastes and that in gastronomic matters everything is allowed, but it is almost impossible to remain indifferent when observing the way in which the American actress drew Barrymore eat your pizza slices. Or rather, it deconstructs them. is that the protagonist of Charlie’s Angels He uploaded a video to … Read more

How to avoid hearing problems at concerts or caused by the use of headphones, according to experts

Julio Iglesias from an elegant Mercedes Benz at 125000 euros

It is recommended to rest your ears for 18 hours after a noisy event and not to listen to music with headphones for more than an hour A large proportion of cases of hearing loss are permanent How drought affects the skin Specialists in Otolaryngology, due to the fact that a large part of cases … Read more

Katie Holmes: new cut, piercing and sculptural look, she caused a sensation for her last public appearance

Katie Holmes new cut piercing and sculptural look she caused

This Wednesday, September 14, Katie Holmes caused a stir at the Tom Ford fashion show. In a 100% black outfit, the actress unveiled a new haircut and a nose piercing. Katie Holmes wasn’t on the Fashion Week catwalk, yet all eyes were on her. This Wednesday, September 14, the actress caused a sensation at the … Read more