Music catalogs gain more value as streaming grows – Music Industry

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The long-term potential of music streaming has had a growing influence on the price investors will pay for an artist or songwriter’s catalogue. That’s according to a new article titled How Streaming Has Impacted the Value of Music of Larry Millerclinical professor and director of the music business program at New York University’s Steinhardt School … Read more

Litmus Music is born with $500 million to spend on catalogs – Music Industry

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Hank Forsyth Y dan mccarroll announced on Thursday the launch of Litmus Musica new company focused on acquiring recording and publishing rights. The pair of longtime music executives are backed by Carlyle Global Credit, which agreed to commit $500 million to the company. The partnership will focus on creating value for artists and investors through … Read more

Music Catalogs Are Getting Great Deals Are They Overrated?

Music Catalogs Are Getting Great Deals Are They Overrated

In the 2006 book “Northern Songs: The True Story of the Beatles Song Publishing Empire,” journalist Brian Southall captured a music industry mantra: “For songwriters and publishers alike, the five most important words are always the same: ‘never give up. a copyright.’” For generations of popular musicians who have stuck to that philosophy, the strategy … Read more

Download free music: the best websites, resources and catalogs

Download free music the best websites resources and catalogs

Surely you have noticed: the music and musical backgrounds that can be heard in the episodes of your favorite podcasters or the videos of the youtubers that you like the most. Not only that, but surely you are interested in starting your own project but you can’t find a place to download music and use … Read more