The movie that was banned in China and Netflix added to its catalog: Brad Pitt stars it

The movie that was banned in China and Netflix added

There are many and diverse companies that offer the service. on request for their customers and the vast majority have exclusive cycles. However, beyond all the options users have to choose from, Netflix It is undoubtedly the most chosen and well-known. the giant of streaming of American origin is constantly renewed and has one of … Read more

Disney+ removes the documentary about Howard Ashman from its catalog coinciding with the premiere of ‘The Little Mermaid’

Disney removes the documentary about Howard Ashman from its catalog

He May 26 comes to theaters a new remake in live action of a Disney animated classic. It seems like a strategy that mouse house It turns out to be profitable, and it is true that no matter how many detractors they may have (and apart from some that they have launched directly in Disney+), … Read more

SkyShowtime says that better late than never with two mythical series and finally keeps its word with the expansion of its catalog

SkyShowtime says that better late than never with two mythical

When SkyShowTime premiered in Spain, He did it accompanied by an unbeatable price and many, many promises… of which only a part has been fulfilled. And it is that in the initial catalog two of its great series were missing, precisely those that users most wanted to see again: ‘Frasier’ and ‘Twin Peaks’ (both the … Read more

The Netflix movie that few valued, but it is the BEST in the catalog and lasts less than 2 hours

The Netflix movie that few valued but it is the

to the catalog of Netflixone has arrived movie which has quickly escalated in popularity. Its script, performances, and theme have made it a favorite among platform users. If you are looking for a film that combines action and suspense, you will be surprised Let go. The dramatic thriller starring Kevin Costner and Diane Lane is … Read more

Runtime is here, the new totally free cinema and series platform… but full of a catalog background in which there isn’t much to scratch

Runtime is here the new totally free cinema and series

2022 is the year in which streaming services have been revolutionized and have started asking for more money already offer ad-supported versions to look a little more like linear TV. That is why it is appreciated that there are totally free services that come with good intentions. Better intentions than quality, everything is said. It … Read more

From DVDs to streaming: This was Netflix’s first catalog when it entered streaming

From DVDs to streaming This was Netflixs first catalog when

Unlike many of its competitors, Netflix It is not a platform that was born overnight within the entertainment industry. The company started with a different print run in 1997 and evolved over the years to become what it is today: the so-called “streaming giant”. With all that in tow and taking into account the enormous … Read more

It confirms what many believed was how the Televisa catalog worked

Televisa August 21, 2022 10:03 a.m. Televisa’s catalog is one of the “open secrets” that has tormented and tarnished the image of the famous television network. Kate del Castillo revealed her existence and other celebrities gave details of how it worked, but little did they know that Raúl Velasco was also involved. Raúl Velasco was … Read more

Three comedies lost in the Netflix catalog to cry with laughter

The comedies they are the best options to clear and throughout the years several titles have stood out and delighted lovers of the genre. Great actors dazzled the spectators with their jokes and spontaneous answers as Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig either Eddie Murphy. There are stories that take us by surprise and come … Read more

The four series that HBO Max removed from its catalog and are not available on any platform

hbo max is in the eye of the storm behind the Cancellation of “Batgirl” by the board of directors of the recently merged Warner Bros. Discovery. To this commented measure, which will force to file the film starring Leslie Grace and that it was ready to be released; is added the removal of several titles … Read more