Cat Dimension and the connection with “quality music” – Music – ABC Color

Meta continues its expansion across Web 30 with the announcement

The group Cat Dimension, which walks through the fusion of styles such as funk, soul and jazz among others, recently released the video of its original creation “Black Cat”. This is the first of a series of videos recorded thanks to the fact that the band won the 1st Torres y Prada Foundation Scholarship for … Read more

Rapper Doja Cat cancels her concerts due to health problems

Doja Cat She was in one of the best moments of her career, after being one of the top award winners grammys and of the Billboardbut the situation has taken an unexpected turn after the operation he has had to undergo. The singer has had to undergo surgery because her tonsils were very inflamed and, … Read more

Clark: the extravagant criminal career of the creator of the Stockholm syndrome, in a game of cat and mouse that entertains

Clark the extravagant criminal career of the creator of the

Clark (Sweden, 2022). Creator: Jonas Akerlund. Cast: Bill Skarsgård, Vilhelm Blomgren, Sandra Ilar, Hanna Björn, Isabelle Grill, Malin Levanon, Björn Gustafsson. Available in: Netflix. Our opinion: good. Like in Good boys by Martin Scorsese, where Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) decided to assume his voice and tell his story tangled between truths and lies, in the … Read more

Visual riddle: where is the mouse? help the cat to find it

Visual riddle where is the mouse help the cat to

Where is the mouse in this viral cat challenge? Only 10% were able to solve it. Photo: American Puzzle Cards, Weather forecast visuals for users. The viral riddle They have levels, some are very easy to do, others are somewhat complicated, but there are the most complex. Those who reach a professional level where few … Read more

Who was the TikTok cat Pot Roast and how did he die?

Who was the TikTok cat Pot Roast and how did.webp

TikTok/PotRoastsMom Pot Roast the cat is dead. pot roast the cat is dead. Thousands of people on social media shared messages of grief and anguish after the owner of Pot Roast revealed that the feline TikTok sensation had died. Just earlier this month, Pot Roast’s mom shared that her cat had been diagnosed with FIV. … Read more

Cat replaces Kate Winslet in ‘Titanic’ parody video

Cat replaces Kate Winslet in Titanic parody video

The movie titanica James Cameron’s 1997 film is one of the most iconic films of the last three decades and helped launch the careers of two of Hollywood’s most talented actors, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. In addition to all the critical acclaim, Oscar nominations, and 20th anniversary re-releases, a titanica He always needed something: … Read more

Did Jessica Cediel abuse her cat?

Did Jessica Cediel abuse her cat

Gety Images dance in underwear hugging her cat has not been the most praised idea of Jessica Cediel. Like never before, the former reporter for Exatlón Estados Unidos, who stands out for having a faithful and devoted audience on Instagram -which exceeds 8 million- received numerous negative comments after publishing the recording. “Today @jupitercediel didn’t … Read more

Anya Taylor-Joy would be Black Cat in SpiderVerse

Anya Taylor Joy would be Black Cat in SpiderVerse

The winner of several awards Anya Taylor-Joie shocked the Hollywood industry with her role as Beth Harmon in the miniseries of Netflix title Gambit de la dame. In this case, the character of the actress seeks to become the best chess player in the world while struggling with emotional issues and various drug and alcohol … Read more

Jennifer Lopez presents “Hendrix”, the new cat she has just adopted!

Jennifer Lopez presents Hendrix the new cat she has just

© Jennifer Lopez / Twitter Jennifer Lopez’s family has a new member: a cat she named Hendrix. The animal recently adopted by the couple she (re) formed with Ben Affleck was introduced by the singer via a short video posted on Twitter. Jennifer Lopez introduced his new cat to his many fans. Responding on behalf … Read more