5 PHOTOS of Dr. Polo showing her RADICAL physical change before Case Closed

It was in 2001 that the broadcast of one of the television programs in Latin America with the highest audience in history began, it is the program Case closed which was directed by Dr. Ana Maria Polo. Also a lawyer, she was characterized by the tough character she showed on the show; furthermore, throughout all … Read more

What did Dr. Ana María Polo do before being the host of Case Closed?

One of the reasons why Case closed became one of the most famous programs on television and especially on Telemundo, it was thanks to the host Anna Maria Polo better known as the “Dr. Polo”. However, before being one of the most famous presenters on television, she dedicated to another profession. Anna Maria Polo She … Read more

The audio series ‘Case 63’ arrives in the United States starring Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac

Academy Award and Emmy Award-winning actress Julianne Moore and Golden Globe-winning actor Oscar Issac have been chosen to be part of the cast of the new Spotify Original podcast, Case 63. Both also serve as executive producers on the podcast. With an upcoming launch in 2022, Case 63 follows psychiatrist Eliza Knight (Moore), who records … Read more

Take a breath before seeing Dr. Polo, from “Case Closed”, on her graduation day

The doctor Anna Maria Polo -also known as Doctor Polo, just plain- is one of the most important media figures of recent years. With his very successful and always surprising program “Case closed”the histrionic lawyer and host -who plays the role of a judge during her programs- has become a sensation and a true influencer. … Read more

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The Three from West Memphis: the brutal case that inspired the creation of Eddie Munson, the new character of Stranger Things 4

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Intimacy: Is the Netflix series based on a real case?

Netflix Netflix’s recent hit, Intimacy, has a truly captivating plot, but is it based on reality? By Enzo Wheel 06/13/2022 – 14:04 UTC 06/13/2022 – 14:04 UTC © NetflixIntimacy: Is the Netflix series based on a real case? the streaming service Netflix may be going through one of its worst corporate moments, but for now … Read more

What did Dr. Polo do before “Case Closed”?

The Doctor Polo She is one of the best drivers charismatic of the TV and is responsible for carrying out the program “Case closed”, one of the most successful of the Telemundo network and that will soon officially return, but on another network. Before becoming the prestigious presenterAna María Polo devoted herself to exercising another … Read more

The second chances of the protagonists of the great series and the Kaley Cuoco case

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Christian Nodal launches ‘warning’ about Belinda in his new song and compared it to the case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

After what Christian Nodal premiered “Girasol”, this controversial song continues to give a lot to talk about. Since he not only answers J Balvin, but also ensures that, if he goes to a legal lawsuit against Belindahe would win that battle. Despite the fact that the central theme of the new “cowboy” single is to … Read more