La Casa de Papel premieres its final season on Netflix

La Casa de Papel premieres its final season on

Give an end of The Money Heist was one of the greatest challenges for its creators, not only because of the complexity of bringing each character’s life to fruition, also due to the expectation of the fans who expect a dignified closure. “The end gave me vertigo, because there is almost always disappointment because the … Read more

Opening hours of La casa de papel 5 in Mexico and other countries

1638510036 Opening hours of La casa de papel 5 in

The Money Heist comes to an end this December 3. The television series that began to be broadcast on Antena 3 and then went on to the international catalog of Netflix He will premiere volume 2 of his season 5 and in it he will explain how the robbery of the Bank of Spain will … Read more

Criticism: ‘La Casa Gucci’, Lady Gaga and Jared Leto shine in an uneven ‘Game of Thrones’ Italian style

1638367259 Criticism La Casa Gucci Lady Gaga and Jared Leto shine

Related news In an age when celebrities they are closer than ever to their fans thanks to the immediacy of the internet and social networks, Lady Gaga is a dying star. Melodramatic, overwhelming and visceral, the singer once again demonstrates her electric charisma before a camera in The Gucci House. The second film of the … Read more

Will there be a sixth season of “La casa de papel” on Netflix?

1638359796 Will there be a sixth season of La casa de

The Professor has been captured by Sierra and, for the first time, has no plan to escape. When it seems that nothing can get worse, a new enemy will arrive much more powerful than any of the previous ones: the army. The creators of The Money Heist, Esther Martínez Lobato and Álex Pina, and its … Read more

‘La casa de papel’, ‘The Witcher’ and other outstanding series of December 2021

1638345160 La casa de papel The Witcher and other outstanding series

For the last month of the year, the chains and platforms have kept some cartridges in the chamber with the intention of conquering the leisure time that the spectators will have at the Christmas parties. Netflix and Disney+ They are in charge of putting the entertainment that accompanies the popcorn with the closing of the … Read more

Netflix premieres in December: La Casa de Papel, The Witcher, Emily in Paris, Elite and more

Netflix premieres in December La Casa de Papel The Witcher

“La casa de papel” comes to an end after five seasons. (Courtesy photo) The streaming platform, Netflix will release new titles that will be available during the first days of December. Among them, the second, and last, part of the fifth season of the successful Spanish series The Money Heist, and other seasons of series … Read more

Criticism: Review of “La casa Gucci” (“House of Gucci”), by Ridley Scott, with Adam Driver, Lady Gaga and Al Pacino

Criticism Review of La casa Gucci House of Gucci by

A few weeks after the premiere of The last duel, the veteran director of Alien, the eighth passenger, Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise and Gladiator premiered this story about alliances and betrayals within one of the leading fashion empires. The Gucci house (House of Gucci, United States / 2021). Director: Ridley Scott. Cast: Lady Gaga, … Read more

‘La casa Gucci’: Patrizia Reggiani and other women who killed their husbands in real life

1638052359 La casa Gucci Patrizia Reggiani and other women who killed

‘La casa Gucci’ has already reached commercial theaters in Mexico and portrays one of the darkest chapters of this powerful and controversial family. In addition to luxury items and haute couture, The Gucci also lived through a hell of jealousy and murder. It is impossible that our cinephile sense is not attracted to House of … Read more

‘La Casa Gucci’: Ridley Scott cleverly solves a family epic that cries out to be disheveled with more bombast camp

1637876716 La Casa Gucci Ridley Scott cleverly solves a family epic

In a moment of ‘The Gucci House‘(House of Gucci) Adam Driver’s character attends a fashion runway, and between the flashes and the darkness he seems to glimpse a Lady Gaga bathed in flashes of light that allow him to see a sinister smile, in what seems almost a diabolical appearance very much in keeping with … Read more