What did Meche Carreño, actress of the Cine de Oro in Mexico, DIED of?

Anuel AA makes Yailin La Mas Viral perrear in cacheteros

On the afternoon of this Friday, July 22, it was announced that the actress and Mexican producer Maria de las Mercedes Carreno Nava better known as “Meche Carreno” he died at 74 years of age, in a hospital in the United States, being one of the greatest exponents of the gold cinema who shared the … Read more

Meche Carreño: The story of the actress, producer and writer who became a sex symbol

at the end of the years sixty the cinema in Mexico was undergoing important evolution, since the fury of the Cine de Oro was passing but new currents would emerge such as the so-called File Cinema. Precisely at this time a figure was born who would have a great impact on the unconscious collective, in … Read more

Sol Carreño after Sebastián Salazar entered the Fourth Power: “Before there was competition”

Sol Carreno after Sebastian Salazar entered the Fourth Power Before

A few days ago, it was revealed that Sebastián Salazar, son of Federico Salazar, will be the new conductor of Cuarto Poder, which generated a strong controversy throughout the country. Before this event, Sol Carreño, former presenter of the Sunday, decided to speak through her social networks. After a user retweeted a publication related to … Read more