Nominated for the Goya Awards: who is Carmen Arrufat, the actress who plays Sara in “Elite”

Nominated for the Goya Awards who is Carmen Arrufat the

The sixth season of “Elite” arrives recharged on the platform Netflix. Although we will stop seeing some faces like Samuel’s, who died at the end of the previous installment, the entry of new actors aroused the interest of the followers. One of those who will be part of the cast is Carmen Arrufat, who will … Read more

Carmen Lomana goes to the Ana Mena concert with the most groundbreaking shiny military jacket that we are going to want to copy for every party night

This documentary can help you love the Holy Mass much

And he didn’t lie to us, because carmen lomana never lie Always so clear in her statements, as elegant. Because a few days ago in an interview that she gave us to Lifestyle of the reasontold us that Rosalía’s aesthetic was horrifying, that she was much more of Ana Mena. And said and done, carmen … Read more

The terrifying appearance of Carmen Salinas in the place you can’t even imagine

Carmen Salinas haunts her daughter September 20, 2022 5:42 p.m. Carmen Salinas was one of the most important actresses in Mexico, in addition to being loved by thousands and thousands of people, the actress participated in more than 100 films, in addition to dozens of participations in soap operas and not to mention the plays … Read more

Carmen Villalobos captivates modeling to the rhythm of Beyoncé

Carmen Villalobos captivates modeling to the rhythm of Beyonce

The actress carmen villalobos She captivated thousands of her fans after being very attractive modeling. It may interest you: 911? Fans of Carmen Villalobos say it is “fire” for attractive video Through your account Instagramwhere she has more than 20 million followers, the barranquillera shared a video in which she showed herself wearing her seductive … Read more

Carmen Villalobos sang ‘Despechá’ at the Rosalía concert

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

Carmen Villalobos, an actress from Barranquilla who has achieved international recognition by appearing in the saga of Without breasts, there is no paradise of Telemundohas been under the microscope for a few weeks now, all because he announced that the love relationship he had with fellow actor Sebastián Caicedo ended. Through a post on your … Read more

The day Carmen Salinas imitated Alaska with the interpretation of “Who cares”

The day Carmen Salinas imitated Alaska with the interpretation of

The song is performed by Alaska and Dinarama (Screenshot, Gettyimages) Carmen Salinas She was one of the most emblematic Mexican personalities in the media folklore of the 20th century and part of the 21st, as she was loved by the public due to her iconic roles on television and her charisma, for which the death … Read more

What Estefi Berardi answered when Carmen Barbieri asked her if she was pregnant

Thursday, July 14, 2022 18:10 News about pregnancies is something that is the order of the day in the world of entertainment. A while ago the rumors were born based on Mariana Brey and for a few days he has been linking to Estefi Berardi for different issues. Related news The young panelist from LAM, … Read more

The song that Yrma Lydya sang to Carmen Salinas and that Internet users pointed out as an omen of her tragic destiny

The song that Yrma Lydya sang to Carmen Salinas and

(photos: Youtube/screenshot) After the murder of the singer Yrma Lydya last June 23have turned their eyes on aspects of the life and the promising career of the Mexican singer. Since it is presumed that it was her husband, Luis Fernando Hernandez Alcocera 79-year-old man, who murdered her with three shots at suntory restaurant when he … Read more

Carmen Barbieri destroyed Karina Mazzocco after sayings against her family: “They killed my mother …”

Friday, June 24, 2022 11:00 Carmen Barbieri He publicly told that a DNA test will be carried out to find out if Alicia is his sister. And it is that, it was in the program A la Tarde where they said that a woman appeared to tell them that she believes that she is her … Read more

“I have cried a lot”: Carmen Villalobos confirmed the end of an important stage of her life

Actress Carmen Villalobos has been part of the main media headlines in the face of rumors about a possible separation from her husband, Sebastián Caicedo, with whom she has been in a relationship for more than ten years. However, neither has confirmed or denied the rumors and have only said that they stay away because … Read more