Corona Capital 2022: Puppy breaks its owner’s ticket for the festival

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

The Crown Capital 2022 is one of the most anticipated music festivals this year, because it will have the presence of several international artists, so the sale of tickets, which was a few months ago, was complicated, since not all managed to reach it, causing the tickets to become something very valuable, beyond their monetary … Read more

5 hairstyles for Corona Capital 2022 with which you will steal ALL eyes

5 hairstyles for Corona Capital 2022 with which you will

Ready for him? Crown Capital 2022? Finish preparing your look with these hairstyles for music festivals super pretty! We know that the most important thing about these events is to enjoy the live music and the atmosphere of the place, but we cannot ignore the important role played by the outfits and the beauty looks. … Read more

Viggo Mortensen: What are your best movies? | Capital

Stranger Things The terrifying reason why Millie Bobby Brown cried

Today, October 20, the actor Viggo Mortensen be found of birthday and his cultural heritage is very vast, since he has participated in North American, Danish and even Latin cinema. But also, he is one of the big names in Hollywoodsince he has several nominations for different awards throughout his career. Read also: James Corden … Read more

Spotify honors Daddy Yankee with a statue that immortalizes him in the Chilean capital

Spotify honors Daddy Yankee with a statue that immortalizes him

Santiago, Chile. – The musical legacy of daddy yankee not only is it recorded through the hundreds of songs that have accompanied him in his more than three decades of artistic career, but in this Chilean capital his figure is immortalized with the unveiling today of a statue in the National Stadium, where he now … Read more

Corona Capital 2022: Charli XCX joined the festival and Two Door Cinema Club left

Corona Capital 2022 Charli XCX joined the festival and Two

Just two months before Corona Capital takes place, new changes to its poster were announced (Photo: @CoronaCapital) This Tuesday capital crown announced that there were changes in its line up, as several artists are integrated, such as Charlie XCXbut some were also left out, such as Two Door Cinema Club. Two months before one of … Read more

What happened to Ben Johnson, the sprinter who was banned for life? | Capital

Julio Iglesias from an elegant Mercedes Benz at 125000 euros

ben johnson He took the title of the fastest man in the world when he won the final of the 100 meters in the Seoul Olympics 1988. His career of 9.79 seconds he received the applause and admiration of sports lovers. However, his glory was short-lived, as the following day it was reported that he … Read more

OMD, the Corona Capital and the band’s tribute to Mexico that no one noticed 37 years ago

OMD the Corona Capital and the bands tribute to Mexico scaled

Andy McCluskey, vocalist and bassist of OMD is one of the enigmatic characters of Synth Pop. (Getty Images) It was the nineties and a teenager who today is known as Harold Saxon was coming home after a day of school. When he realized that a song by his favorite group was playing live on the … Read more

From Beyoncé to Rosalía, what is the eccentric use of capital letters in pop?

From Beyonce to Rosalia what is the eccentric use of.webp

If you go to your favorite music streaming platform and put on any of the two most played albums this summer —renaissanceby Beyonce, and mommy, by Rosalía—, you will notice a great little detail: the titles of all the songs are written in capital letters. But it is not only musical trends that have mutated … Read more

Melanie Griffith and her best films | Capital

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

The life of Melanie Griffith it is as dramatic as the films he has played throughout his career. The American actress was born famous. His parents Tippi Hedren and Peter Griffith they were outstanding actors of their time and the legacy of fame would be continued by Griffith with his offspring years later. The actress … Read more

‘Joker 2’: 6 films in which Lady Gaga has acted | Capital

Joker 2 6 films in which Lady Gaga has acted

What was once an open secret is now official, as the successful singer Lady Gaga is the one chosen to give life to the multifaceted harley quinn and star alongside Joaquin Phoenix, the new tape DC Comics ‘Joker: Folie a Deux‘ directed by filmmaker Todd Phillips. We all definitely agree that the artistic career of … Read more