Learn about the true relationship between “Chespirito” and “Cantinflas”

Roberto Gomez Bolanos and Mario Moreno Reyes were undoubtedly two of the most recognized and beloved actors of Mexican comedy. Their characters “Chespirito” Y “Cantinflas” became iconic figures who left a legacy internationally and have millions of fans who remember and pay tribute to them to this day. “Cantinflas” began his career in the well-known … Read more

The Argentine actress in love with Cantinflas who had an unrecognized son by the comedian

The Age of the Mexican Golden Cinema It is a milestone in terms of cinematography and audiovisual arts. This was a very important period of film production and star releases that remained in the memory of Mexico, as is the case of the comedy actor Cantinflas who went down in history inserting himself in the … Read more

Meet the Argentine actress who fell in love with Cantinflas and who had a son not recognized by him

The well-known time of Mexican Golden Cinema It was an important period in the history of that country, which stood out for having great cinematographic proposals to the point of becoming the center of commercial films in Latin America. During this time, some iconic characters emerged that are still present in the collective memory of … Read more

The time Cantinflas worked with his arch-rival Tin Tan in a Cine de Oro short

When comedy is remembered at the time of the Mexican Golden Cinema, one of the references that quickly comes to mind is Mario Morenobetter known as ‘Cantinflas‘. Thanks to his films, he crossed several borders and even fulfilled his dream of reaching Hollywood. However, he once crossed paths with his arch-rival German Valdespopularly known as … Read more

Cantinflas: This was the SECRET that he took to the grave

Mario Morenobest known for his character ‘Cantinflas‘, was the most recognized comedian and actor of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, because thanks to his work he managed to debut in Hollywood and gain prestige in the industry. Despite being in the middle for a long time, the histrion hid a secret, which he never … Read more

Beautiful actress of the Cine de Oro would have taken her own life due to lack of love caused by Cantinflas

Miroslava Stern She was without a doubt one of the greatest female figures of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema Well, he dazzled with his dimpeccable histrionic technique and for its extraordinary beautyhowever, his end was extremely tragic because I end up taking my own life and everything points to the fact that it was … Read more

The terrifying hidden message in a ‘Cantinflas’ movie that will blow your mind

Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno Reyesbetter known as ‘Cantinflas‘, was a Mexican actor, producer, screenwriter and comedian, who enjoyed great success in the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. The iconic actor of international stature, he made his character emblematic of Cantinflas, which became a benchmark of the culture of our country and allowed him to establish … Read more

How was the relationship between Cantinflas and Elizabeth Taylor

Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” and Elizabeth Taylor met during the recording of “Around the world in 80 days” (Photos: Twitter/@elizabethtaylor-INAH) Mario Moreno Cantinflas has been one of the most famous artists in Mexico thanks to his friendliness and humor, which also allowed him to break through in Hollywood and form a very close friendship with one … Read more

Beautiful actress of the Cine de Oro who debuted with “Cantinflas” died at only 37 years of age due to a terrible disease

The gold cinema gave opportunity to great actresses to shine on the big screen, but unfortunately not all of them managed to consecrate their careers for various reasons, as was the case with this beautiful woman, what debuted next to the great comedian Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”but He died at the age of 37 due to … Read more

Bella actriz española recibió costoso anillo de “Cantinflas” pero su amor fue prohibido

El actor del Cine de Oro, Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” es una de las estrellas más importantes de nuestro país, quien además de ser reconocido por su talento, fue admirado por muchas mujeres, entre ellas una bella actriz española que recibió un costoso anillo de diamantes de parte del comediante, sin embargo, su amor fue prohibido.  Moreno se casó … Read more