The creepy stories behind Disney movies like ‘The Little Mermaid’: deaths, cannibalism and revenge

The creepy stories behind Disney movies like The Little Mermaid

The dispute between The Walt Disney Company and Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, United States, was evidenced last Thursday, May 18, when the entertainment giant discarded the project for build a complex in the state. This would have generated a investment of almost 1,000 million euros and provided more than 2,000 jobs. The rivalry between … Read more

They assure that Robert Downey Jr. helped Armie Hammer after accusations of cannibalism

They assure that Robert Downey Jr helped Armie Hammer after

It was a couple of months ago when several screenshots began to spread through social networks with alleged accusations against Armie Hammer, which evidenced the alleged taste for cannibalism and his fantasy of rape and sexual relations. After this, the scrutiny against the actor began to arrive, to such an extent that his acting career … Read more

“The Orphan” is real! Her story hides cannibalism, sects and more disturbing secrets

After years of relentless waiting and high expectations, The orphan 2: the origin” has released its first trailer, that promises to bring a more terrifying and bloody story than the previous one. The prequel tape brings back actress Isabelle Furhman (now 25 years old in real life) as little Esther and will tell how the … Read more

Torture, cannibalism and incestuous sex: the chilling story of Barbora Skrlova

Torture cannibalism and incestuous sex the chilling story of Barbora

The image frightened the policemen. In the cold, damp basement, inside a cage, the two children were beaten, burned and malnourished. In a corner, barely visible in the dark, a girl was crying inconsolably. She said her name Anika and having been a victim, like the little ones, of brutality and abuse of his mother … Read more