Nicolas Cage’s Ghost Rider was going to have a terrifying villain, but Sony canceled it

Nicolas Cages Ghost Rider was going to have a terrifying

The Marvel Cinematic Universe was not always made up of extraordinary films. In 2007, before Jon favreau dazzle the world with your beloved Iron Man hand in hand with Robert Downey Jr., Sony had the rights to several characters in the House of Ideas. Among them, Ghost Rider. In that year prior to the release … Read more

“They must return what they paid”: canceled concerts led to 740 claims, Punto Ticket leads | bbcl_investiga

They must return what they paid canceled concerts led to

So far in 2021, Sernac has received 740 complaints related to concerts, most of which are claims related to the tickets for this type of event. Inside the list, Punto Ticket is the ticketera that concentrates the most cases, with 403, followed by Ticketek with 103. It is a phenomenon that is obviously linked to … Read more

Due to COVID cases in her staff, Alejandra Guzmán canceled a concert in Jalisco

Due to COVID cases in her staff Alejandra Guzman canceled

Guzmán recently launched his jewelry line (Photo: Instagram / @ laguzmanmx) After a very media year for Alejandra Guzman, in which the problems aired by Frida Sofía, for which she has been dismissed as having given a bad example to his only daughter In her growing years, now the rocker has given bad news to … Read more

Faith No More’s Upcoming Concerts Canceled Due to Mike Patton’s Mental Health Issues |

1631967279 Faith No Mores Upcoming Concerts Canceled Due to Mike Pattons

September 15, 2021 2:07 pm published by Drafting – The mental health problems of the population have reached the highest levels of politics in recent times, and recent cases of athletes suffering from anxiety or depression have been the front page of many media around the world. Music is not immune to this problem, and … Read more

A video of the Spider-Man 4 game is leaked, which would have accompanied the canceled film

1631447315 A video of the Spider Man 4 game is leaked which

It is not the first time that we see images from Spider-Man 4, a canceled video game that was intended to accompany the Sam Raimi film, but this is a good time to learn more material coinciding with the announcement of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 by Insomniac Games, announced in PlayStation Showcase. Obscure Gamers has published … Read more

The tribute concert to the singer Àlex Casademunt has been definitively canceled

1631253454 The tribute concert to the singer Alex Casademunt has been

The tragic and unexpected death of the singer Àlex Casademunt, contestant of the successful first edition of Triumph operation, left a huge void between his followers and all those who remembered his joy, desire to eat the world and vitality. The loss of Àlex especially shook his fellow contestants, who decided to join together after … Read more

The tribute concert to Álex Casademunt is definitively canceled

On March 2, the singer Álex Casademunt he lost his life suddenly in a tragic traffic accident, which caused great consternation in the world of music in our country. A short time later it was announced that a great concert would be held as a tribute to the former contestant of Operation Triumph 1 in … Read more

What happened ?: The renowned Bonnaroo music festival is canceled

What happened The renowned Bonnaroo music festival is canceled

The Bonnaroo Music Festival 2021 had to be canceled just days after it started. Was it because of Covid-19? This time the product of the pandemic was not canceled; but because of the weather conditions. This music festival was to be held in the city of Manchester in Tennessee, United States. However the arrival of … Read more

NYC Central Park concert canceled due to bad weather

NYC Central Park concert canceled due to bad weather

NEW YORK (AP) – A star-studded concert in New York City’s Central Park had to be canceled due to dangerous weather conditions triggered by Hurricane Henri as it approached the northeastern United States on Saturday. Barry Manilow began singing “Can’t Smile Without You” as part of a mix of his hits when he interrupted his … Read more

María Félix: This is the banned La Doña movie that was canceled for “immoral” | PHOTOS

Maria Felix This is the banned La Dona movie that

Although María Félix was an icon, and most of the mexicans they adored her performances and seeing her on the big screen, the truth is that there was a film starring “La doña” that did not have the same good reception from the public, because it was a film that despite having a novel proposal, … Read more