Survivor Mexico 2022: TODAY’s program CANCELED Saturday September 24, when does it return?

Survivor Mexico 2022 Who is Catalina Blanco Curious facts that

Entertainment Find out when Survivor Mexico 2022 returns and why there will be no program today, Saturday, September 24 By Karla Aguilar 09/24/2022 – 1:13 p.m. CDT 09/24/2022 – 1:13 p.m. CDT © InstagramSurvivor Mexico 2022: TODAY’s program CANCELED Saturday September 24, when does it return? Even though originally the end of the survival reality … Read more

What’s going on with ‘Sandman’? Why season 2 of the Netflix series remains unknown and what are the chances that it will be renewed or canceled

Whats going on with Sandman Why season 2 of the

Many will be wondering why Netflix has not announced its decision on the future of ‘Sandman’. Their discreet debut It led to doubts about its continuity, but its popularity went further, being the number 1 spoken series in English on the platform for three weeks and even today it holds in fifth position, So why … Read more

San Sebastián projects a controversial film about pedophilia that Toronto canceled

San Sebastian projects a controversial film about pedophilia that Toronto

The cinema of the Austrian Ulrich Seidl (Vienna, 69 years old) has always been murky, loving to show the most poisonous faces of the Europe of well-being. Thanks to this, he is a regular at film festivals and in Spain, where all his films have been released commercially, and has a loyal group of followers. … Read more

Constantine: the HBO Max series is canceled, but Keanu Reeves returns in a sequel

Constantine the HBO Max series is canceled but Keanu Reeves

The HBO Max series adapted from the universe Constantine is cancelled, but Keanu Reeves will return in a sequel directed by Francis Lawrence. At the moment, it’s not the party at Warner. The merger of WarnerMedia and the television studio Discovery, Inc. led the firm to completely reshape its distribution strategy by removing a good … Read more

What was the reason why they canceled the Divergent saga

Divergent It seemed that she was going to manage to establish herself as one of the sagas most successful of its genre, but it did not achieve the same impact that other stories had. That point, added to some production decisions, made him finally decide Cancel the missing movie All this makes it a matter … Read more

They canceled Nodal’s concert in Ensenada amid accusations of fraud

I was afraid that they would be angry Christian Nodal

Christian Nodal would appear on September 24 in Valle de Guadalupe, but he did not have the necessary permits to carry it out (Photo: Cuartoscuro) Again a concert Christian Nodal which would take place on September 24 was cancelled, this time it was in Guadalupe Valley, Ensenada, because they did not have a land use … Read more

Coldplay almost canceled his concert in Colombia, these would be the reasons

Coldplay almost canceled his concert in Colombia these would be

The British band Coldplay uses elements and actions that contribute to caring for the environment and reducing CO₂ on their tours. EFE / Francisco Guasco Photo: EFE – Francisco Guasco One of the most recognized bands worldwide and that for several years began to leave an important mark in the world of music, comes to … Read more

Justin Biber stops tour for his health. It is not yet known if concerts will be rescheduled or canceled

Justin Biber stops tour for his health It is not

IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. UP NEXT Six signs to detect if you have a stroke, as it happened to this television presenter live 01:57 Looking ahead to the fall they ask parents to vaccinate their children against influenza 00:22 A doctor clarifies if it … Read more

Pipe Bueno was upset because a flight was canceled and he looked bad at one of his concerts

Pipe Bueno was upset because a flight was canceled and

Pipe Bueno could not make it to the concert in Bucaramanga. Instagram: @pipebueno Air traffic is sometimes unpredictable. Broadly speaking, it seems that it was a regulated situation; However, the number of flights leaving and entering from one airport to another leaves passengers waiting, who, although they may be unaware of the policies and internal … Read more

“For reasons of force majeure” the concerts of Jesús Adrián Romero in Quito and Guayaquil are canceled | Music | Entertainment

For reasons of force majeure the concerts of Jesus Adrian

One day after the concert of the Mexican singer Jesus Adrian Romero in Quito, through a statement they announced on Thursday, August 25, that the show was canceled and with it also the one that was planned in Guayaquil. The concerts were scheduled for August 26 in Quito and August 27 in Guayaquil. New dates … Read more