Margot Kidder: the Lois Lane that ‘Superman’ canceled out of spite

Margot Kidder the Lois Lane that Superman canceled out of

New York Daily News Archive Before Mary Jane, the Mary Jane of spider-manthere was the Lois Lane of Superman. And before Amy Adams there was Margot Kidder. Depending on the generation you come from, you can have the scene of the inverted kiss between Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst or the scene of Christopher Reeve … Read more

‘Legacies’, ‘Charmed’ and 13 more series have been canceled

From now on, we will call May 12 “Black Thursday”. Throughout the week of May 16, the Upfronts will take place, several days in which the North American television networks will present the news for the next cathodic season. But before you welcome in the new, you have to get rid of the old. Several … Read more

15 series canceled in one day: ‘Magnum’, ‘Legacies’ and the other titles that have gone through the scythe

15 series canceled in one day Magnum Legacies and the.webp

After two years of a pandemic in which the large open-air US networks hardly touched their fiction bets, the carnage experienced on Thursday between the series of these channels has attracted attention, with a total of 15 cancellations announced in just a few hours. Many of the media groups to which these channels belong are … Read more

Alberto Vázquez canceled concert due to recovery from COVID-19

Alberto Vazquez canceled concert due to recovery from COVID 19

Vázquez turned 82 this April (Photo: Instagram/@albertovazquezofic) Alberto Vázquez recently turned 82and now his audience was surprised and worried by the recent announcement shared by the veteran singer, who canceled his participation in an upcoming concert. The singer of songs like Forgive me my life Y Accompany me uncovered that suffered the contagion of the … Read more

Céline Dion canceled her concert tour again due to health complications

Celine Dion canceled her concert tour again due to health

Céline Dion. Photo: Gustavo Garcia / Mezcaliente Singer celine dion He is going through a complicated moment, not only professionally, because he has just canceled the tour, It is also about his state of health that does not allow him to be making public presentations at the moment. This time it would not be the … Read more

Gambit: screenwriter of the canceled film reveals details about the project, “it was Goodfellas with mutants” | tomatoes

Gambit screenwriter of the canceled film reveals details about the

So far it seems that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the one that dominates in superhero movies, and not because their movies or series are better than the rest, but because they have managed to connect absolutely all their stories, making a continuity of the other without the need for it to be carried out … Read more

Ricky Martin concert canceled in Querétaro

Fans shocked Ricky Martin for a concert at Foro

Civil Protection announced that Ricky Martin’s concert was canceled for not complying with measures that request a secure income (Photo Paul R. Giunta / Invision / AP, file) Municipal Civil Protection of Querétaro announced that the concert Ricky Martin of his tour movement which would be held on the night of this March 18 does … Read more

Kanye West’s performance at the 2022 Grammys has been canceled after racial attack on presenter Trevor Noah

Kanye Wests performance at the 2022 Grammys has been canceled

Trevor Noah and Kanye West. Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images/Grosby Group A source close to kanye-west revealed to The Blast that due to his “troubling online behavior” in recent weeks, rapper legally named Ye will no longer appear at the ceremony of the Grammy Awards 2022: “This is confirmed,” the media quoted on its website. The … Read more

Ricky Martin’s second concert canceled, now in Zacatecas

Ricky Martins second concert canceled now in Zacatecas

Ricky Martin has already canceled two concerts in Mexico corresponding to the Movement Tour (Photo: EFE/Giorgio Viera) The famous Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin canceled a second concert in Mexico. It was the one that he would offer next Sunday, March 20, at the Zacatecas Multiforum. According to the statement published on their social networks, … Read more

Fernández Dynasty sinks Televisa: Cuquita wins lawsuit and Vicente Fernández series is canceled

Fernandez Dynasty sinks Televisa Cuquita wins lawsuit and Vicente Fernandez

Mexico City.- A statement from Mrs. cuquita coversin which the Fernández dynasty returns to sink Televisabecause in this they affirm that they have won the lawsuit against the television station, pointing out that for this reason they must cancel transmission from the series about the life of Vicente Fernandez. Related news Click here and discover … Read more