More than 3 million viewers: why Jagger’s fight against Bustamante puts traditional television to shame

More than 3 million viewers why Jaggers fight against Bustamante

Between boxing, cultural contests, ‘first dates’ and the future ‘grand prix’the truth is that the self-proclaimed “new entertainment” looks a lot like the old entertainment. But it is undeniable that it works in a younger segment of the population: proof of this is the 2.4 million viewers on average what has he had Ibai in … Read more

Álex Casademunt’s family defends Bustamante after the cancellation of the concert

Álex Casademunt’s family has come out in defense of David Bustamante. The reason? The latest publications that claimed that the Cantabrian would have requested his cache in advance to participate in the tribute to the Catalan artist, died on March 3 in a traffic accident. As stated by María Patiño in Save me, Bustamante would … Read more