Tim Burton speaks about a possible new collaboration with Johnny Depp

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Throughout the filmography of the filmmaker Tim Burton, Johnny Depp He has become his fetish actor and one of the most successful. However, the two collaborated last time in 2016 in Alice through the mirror, where Depp played the Mad Hatter and Burton became the film’s producer. One last collaboration after his controversial relationship with … Read more

It is unfair that Tim Burton takes credit for The Nightmare Before Christmas

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The director of The Nightmare Before Christmas complains that the film is so closely related to Tim Burton. The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon that occurs when many people believe something that is not true and the film Nightmare Before Christmas is a clear example. Since many think that it is directed by Tim Burton. … Read more

These 7 Tim Burton films are essential for a family movie session

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Tim Burton will premiere this November a new series on Netflix. Wednesday will arrive on the streaming platform to tell us the story of the daughter of The Addams Family in her adolescence, during her time at the academy. But the film director has left us great films throughout his career and some of them … Read more

Jenna Ortega challenged Tim Burton in ‘Merlina’: “She can get emotional too”

Jenna Ortega challenged Tim Burton in Merlina She can get

In an insightful conversation with Christina Ricci, young actress Jenna Ortega discusses the intricacies of her character and the quirks of playing the Addams’ daughter in Netflix’s new series ‘Merlina.’ At 20 years old, Jenna Ortega has worked in several horror movies under the instructions of personalities such as James Wan (in The night of … Read more

‘Merlina’: Tim Burton reveals why his protagonist is a teenager and not a girl

Merlina Tim Burton reveals why his protagonist is a teenager

Every time we think of ‘Merlina’ from the Addams family we imagine a girl with long braids, but in the new Netflix series the perspective changes. What is the point of showing her as a teenager? Tim Burton explains why. October and November are the best months to watch horror movies and series, and Netflix … Read more

Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Other Hollywood Stars Who Had Trouble With Disney E! News UK

Tim Burton Johnny Depp and Other Hollywood Stars Who Had

Tim Burton reveals his problems with Disney. At a recent press conference, Burton criticized Disney for becoming “very homogenized” and said the studio only focuses on Marvel, “Star Wars” or Pixar movies. Burton also admitted to being “fired” by the studio several times during his career. “My story is that I started there,” Burton said. … Read more

It makes them ugly: Tim Burton explained why he will not work with Disney again

It makes them ugly Tim Burton explained why he will

Well they say out there that “never say Never”but it seems that Tim Burton is very clear about his conviction about getting back to work with Disney. And in that sense, everything indicates that the renowned filmmaker does not want to do it again. This was revealed in a series of statements during a press … Read more

Tim Burton doesn’t want to get involved with Marvel or Disney: “I can’t deal with a multiverse”

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After Tim Burton collaborate with Disney Upon making the ‘Dumbo’ movie in 2019, there seems to be little chance that the sought-after director will work with the company again. READ ALSO: Brendan Fraser willing to star in another ‘The Mummy’ movie: “If they find the right idea” “It has become very homogenized, very consolidated. There … Read more

Tim Burton Orchestral Concert: Relive the songs from your favorite movies!

Julio Iglesias from an elegant Mercedes Benz at 125000 euros

Tim Burton is one of the most followed filmmakers of the gothic fantasy genre and to revive the most acclaimed pieces of the filmography of the Californian director, producer and writer, Tim Burton Orchestral Concert arrives in Mexico City. Danny Elfman, Burton’s main composer It is difficult to remember a Tim Burton film without immediately … Read more

Tim Burton was not sincere in ‘The Anthill’: Tom Cruise was about to star in ‘Eduardo Scissorhands’ and this is the surprising reason why he did not

Tim Burton was not sincere in The Anthill Tom Cruise

the filmmaker Tim Burton passed by last night ‘The Anthill’ to promote the exhibition ‘Tim Burton the labyrinth’ that will open in Madrid this coming Friday, September 29. During his time on the Antena 3 program he commented on various things, but something that caught my attention was that he directly burst out laughing when … Read more