They transform Bad Bunny’s ‘Neverita’ to regional music and Internet users loved it: “It sounds better”

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Now, the Sinaloan group Marca Registrada surprised their fans and Internet users with their adaptation of the song “Neverita” in the style of the Mexican regional. Who are Grupo Marca Registrada? They adapted ‘Fridge’ from Bad Bunny Grupo Marca Registrada is a band that began its musical career in 2014, in the city of Culiacán, … Read more

How does Bad Bunny’s World’s Hottest Tour impact the economy of destinations?

How does Bad Bunnys Worlds Hottest Tour impact the economy

Bad Bunny in concert at the General Pablo Rojas Stadium in Asunción (Paraguay). Photo: EFE – Nathalia Aguilar Are you ready to sing all the hits from “A Summer Without You” along with “bad rabbit”? November is the most anticipated month of the year for all reggaeton fans and followers of Bad Bunny in Colombia, … Read more

Bad Bunny’s fever in Lima: Young people tell the time with ventures for the ‘Bad Rabbit’ concert

Bad Bunnys fever in Lima Young people tell the time

Young Peruvians focused their businesses on the fever for Bad Bunny in Lima. The creativity of Peruvians has no limits. Now what bad bunny will be presented in Lima this Sunday, November 13 and Monday, November 14, dozens of young people have managed to sell products or services related to the ‘Bad bunny.’ All these … Read more

“If everything is not complete, we cancel the show”: these are Bad Bunny’s eccentric demands for his concerts | Music | Entertainment

If everything is not complete we cancel the show these

There are days until the singer Bad Bunny will perform on November 16 at the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium in Quitobut everything will depend on meeting all the demands of the Puerto Rican during his concert. “One pays, he is the promoter, producer of the event and you cannot take photos with him”, this was announced … Read more

Johnny Lozada: “If Menudo existed right now, I would be singing songs like Bad Bunny’s”

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In the 80’s, Slight It was more than just a fashion group. They were a true Latin phenomenon. His first presentation in Lima, which took place in El Amauta, in 1981, gathered hundreds of fans outside the Jorge Chávez International Airport, as he recalled Michael Cancel in interview with RPP News. “We landed and the … Read more

Cardi B steals the show as a guest of Bad Bunny’s concert

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Puerto Rican urban singer bad bunny continues to cause sensation with his tour World’s Hottest Tour, with massive concerts in the largest stadiums in the United States and Latin America. The reggaeton artist performed this Saturday at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, in the United States, to a full house and a guest who … Read more

Bad Bunny’s video clip, ‘Apagón’, is a strong criticism of tax abuses in Puerto Rico

Bad Bunnys video clip Apagon is a strong criticism of

Bad Bunny’s last ‘hit’ He raised all kinds of comments, criticizing the investments of the United States in his country of origin, Puerto Rico. your theme ‘Blackout’ includes a short report made by the journalist Puerto Rican Bianca Graulau which titled ‘people live here‘, arousing the admiration and support of the 28-year-old singer. In his … Read more

From opening OnlyFans to selling a kidney: everything fans would do to get a special ticket to Bad Bunny’s concert in Peru

From opening OnlyFans to selling a kidney everything fans would

Bad Bunny announces more tickets for his concerts in Lima at high prices. (instagram) More tickets! Less and less to see bad bunny sing their best hits live and if you still don’t have a ticket for their concert, this may be your chance. The international artist will perform in Peru next November on two … Read more

Networks explode for Bad Bunny’s tribute to Elvis Crespo in the video of “Neverita”

Networks explode for Bad Bunnys tribute to Elvis Crespo in

After its release, Bad Bunny’s new music video is a tribute to Elvis Crespo, merengue and the 90s. Photo: Instagram The bad rabbit is one of the artists who has toured the world quite strongly through his reggaeton and Latin trap songs, and with his characteristic style and attitude he has managed to impact the … Read more

Karol G showed the “boobies” in Bad Bunny’s restaurant while sparking romance rumors

Karol G showed the boobies in Bad Bunnys restaurant while

Carol G made an appearance at the opening of his friend’s restaurant and also a colleague of the urban genre, bad bunny in Miami cityYo. La Bichota arrived with a corset showing the “boobies” through a hole in the middle of her chest and also made a triumphal entrance to the place called “gecko” along … Read more