BTS Shares Trailer For Their Upcoming Concert Film ‘BTS: Yet To Come In Cinemas’

BTS Shares Trailer For Their Upcoming Concert Film BTS Yet

bts has shared the trailer for his upcoming movie concert BTS: Yet To Come In Cinemas. The film will document the concert that the boyband gave in Busan, South Korea last October, and is scheduled to hit theaters around the world next February. It will interest you: After 6 years, Taeyang returns to music with … Read more

‘BTS yet to come in cinemas’: Fans escape their country to see the Korean band

1673636819 BTS yet to come in cinemas Fans escape their country

At this point, BTS is one of the best-known South Korean groups in the world, acquiring a large legion of fans. Last week two teenagers escaped from Pakistan to see the group in South Korea and today they were found. After Jin carried out his social service, the South Korean band announced that they would … Read more

Japanese tickets for ‘BTS: Yet to come in cinemas’ are better than those at Cinépolis

1673559247 Japanese tickets for BTS Yet to come in cinemas are

The premiere of ‘BTS: Yet to come in cinemas’ in Cinépolis caused the furor of the ARMYS after the service collapsed during pre-sale. Now Japan has introduced a special edition of the tickets that any fan will want to purchase. in a week BTS: Yet To Come in Cinemas will premiere in all Cinépolis complexes, … Read more

The Astronaut – Jin de BTS: lyrics, official video, pronunciation and translation in Spanish

Tonight the solo of Jin: The Astronaut. the hyung of bts He announced a few weeks ago that his song would be the next to come out after J-Hope’s album. This is one of the most anticipated melodies by the fandom and without a doubt it has a great emotional charge. Check your lyrics, pronunciationY … Read more

El lder de la banda de K-pop BTS presentar un programa divulgativo en la televisin surcoreana

El lider de la banda de K pop BTS presentara un

Actualizado Mircoles, 26 octubre 2022 – 10:47 Kim Nam-joon, conocido como RM, conducir El diccionario del conocimiento humano inservible con el guionista y realizador Jang Hang-jun El grupo de K-pop BTS, en los Billboard Music Awards.LISA O’CONNOR | AFP RM, el lder de la banda de K-pop BTS, presentar un programa de televisin sobre divulgacin … Read more

BTS: All the details of their debut and the style that the band had at the beginning

BTS All the details of their debut and the style

bts debuted 9 years ago, although its anniversary was a few months ago. But the admiration that the armys have for the band is indescribable. ‘No More Dream’, the first song BTS sang. South Korean band btswas presented for the first time in the program ‘M! Countdown’, exactly on June 13, 2013. This is how … Read more