Emirati television broadcasts special program on Cuba (+ Photo)

Emirati television broadcasts special program on Cuba Photo

Photo: PL Havana, Nov 25 (RHC) The television of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) broadcast a special program on Cuba this Thursday, with the participation of our country’s ambassador in Dubai, Roberto Blanco. The diplomat, who also serves as Cuba’s general commissioner at Expo 2020 Dubai, thanked the UAE government and authorities for the support … Read more

Music broadcasts lead music industry growth

Music broadcasts lead music industry growth

TITLE: Music Broadcasts Lead Music Industry GrowthSLUG: Latinos lead music growth in the United StatesDATE: OCTOBER 15, 2021AUTHOR: LAURA SEPÚLVEDABOOKLET EDITOR: LUIS ALONSOPLACE: NEW YORKVIDEO SOURCE:•PROPIO VOA •*AP09-24-2021 4345516•AFP07-30-2021 V000_9HC63RREGION OF INTEREST: LATIN AMERICADURATION: 1:35 ((INTRO))An imminent recovery is experiencing the music industry in the United States. And Latin American music is leading the growth. … Read more

The trailer for ‘Broadcast Signal Intrusion’ is scary: terror about pirate broadcasts with the smell of creepypasta that sweeps festivals

1629638915 The trailer for Broadcast Signal Intrusion is scary terror about

If one of the directors of ‘The Signal‘(2007), David Bruckner, is succeeding with his film’The Night House‘his partner in that adventure, Jacob Gentry is generating a lot of noise at genre film festivals with his film’ Broadcast Signal Intrusion ‘, an independent thriller that has just presented its first trailer, all a nightmare of VHS grain and disturbing skins reminiscent of Creepypastas as ‘Miss Shaye Saint John’.

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