Billie Eilish will broadcast the last concert of her world tour live

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the american artist billie eilish will broadcast live the last concert of his world tour of this year. A news that he has shared through his social networks, and that as expected, has generated great expectation among his fans. In the last year, Billie Eilish has swept the numbers. Posted over a year ago, Happier … Read more

A Coldplay concert in Argentina will be broadcast in theaters around the world in October

Coldplay will use recycled batteries on their next tour 0:50 (CNN Spanish) — If you are one of the lucky ones to be able to attend one of Coldplay’s concerts at the River Plate stadium in Buenos Aires in October, your face could end up appearing in movie theaters worldwide. The British group announced last … Read more

I am your fan: where to watch the broadcast of the complete series and what is known about the third season

I am your fan where to watch the broadcast of

Channel 11 will broadcast the series on TikTok (Photo: YouTube/Cinepolis screenshot and Channel 11) The long-awaited movie I’m your fan It will hit theaters on September 8. Just over a week after this premiere, the channel 11 announced that the 2010 series will have a rebroadcast; This was reported through his TikTok account. It should … Read more

BTS returns to free concert “Yet to come in Busan”: HYBE confirms date and online broadcast

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bts returns to the stage as OT7. On August 24 (KST), BIG HIT Music confirmed the date of the “Yet to come in Busan” concerta show that the boyband will perform in support of the aforementioned city’s candidacy as the venue for WORLD EXPO 2030. As anticipated by the organizers, this show will be free. … Read more

Videos | Between tears, this was the last broadcast of a television channel closed by Daniel Ortega

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With his hands clutching his head, tears and sad farewell words for the viewers and all those who participated in the production of the channel, the journalist David Mendoza he said goodbye to his audience after Daniel Ortega’s regime ordered the closure of the RB3 television channel, “El canal de la zona láctea”. Mendoza, who … Read more

Premios Juventud 2022: what TIME and where to watch the broadcast LIVE TODAY, July 21?

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The Youth Awards in its 19th edition, they are a couple of hours away from starting, so hundreds of celebrities will parade down the carpet and thus be awarded in its 33 Latin music categories, so you cannot miss any detail of this event. So here we will tell you Where to see the transmission … Read more

The horror classic that returns to cable for a special and horror-filled broadcast

One of the most recognized blocks of cable television it is the fear club of Space, which is broadcast on Fridays and which presents flagship movies horror movies. This time, bring a cclassic that keeps many secrets: “Annabelle 3: Coming home”. The 2019 film was the directorial debut of Gary Daubermann. Starring Vera Farmiga Y … Read more

Bird perches on the head of a reporter during a live broadcast

Bird perches on the head of a reporter during a

IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. UP NEXT 2022 Emmy Awards nominees announced 01:14 Laura Bozzo receives a very special visit at La Casa de los Famosos 00:58 Laura Bozzo questions Ivonne Montero about the comments she made about Salvador Zerboni 01:27 Nacho Casano and Ivonne … Read more

Driver appeared in poor condition on live broadcast | VIDEO

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

Midtime Editorial Mexico City / 07.11.2022 06:55:32 the communicator Heather Kovar was suspended from CBS6 Albany over the weekend after demonstrating erratic behavior during a live broadcast, fact that attributed to sleep problems and tiredness. As he delivered the news, the viewers noticed the incoherence of his words, in addition to the fact that confused … Read more

She is the host who KISSED Luis Miguel and Ricky Martin in a LIVE broadcast | VIDEO

Television live leaves great moments for posterity due to the rush in which things happen when a transmission like this is carried out, so the entertainment world usually treasures these moments as that occasion that a driver kissed a Luis Miguel Already Ricky Martin In the middle of the program, today we will learn more … Read more