The Crown: the series about the British royal family returns with a season full of scandals

The Crown the series about the British royal family returns

>THE NATION>shows>TV series November 6, 202206:00 “Can I send a greeting to my friends in Buenos Aires?” asks Jonathan Pryce, the Briton who is closest to being an honorary Argentine, by way of farewell. Of course, the reason for the chat via Zoom with LA NACION, which ended with sincere memories for his friends from … Read more

Death of Angela Lansbury: the 5 emblematic works of the British actress

Death of Angela Lansbury the 5 emblematic works of the

The United Kingdom is in mourning again, and it is its cinema that is crying this time. British actress Angela Lansbury died in Los Angeles on Tuesday October 11 at the canonical age of 96. A look back at five of the most emblematic works of his career. British actress Angela Lansbury has died in … Read more

Coldplay in Lima: everything the fans live in the concert of the British band

Coldplay in Lima everything the fans live in the concert

Coldplay fans queue early outside the National Stadium. Video: Carlo Fernandez Castillo. Chris Martin he is already in Peru with his band Coldplay, causing great emotion among his fans, who are already counting down the hours to listen to one of the most anticipated concerts of the year. As is known, the group returned to … Read more

The emotional reason why the title of the Foo Fighters’ second album uses British spelling

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There is no doubt that the career of certain artists and bands is full of curiosities, and within them, Foo Fighters are not the exception, who although all its members are Americanthey decided to use British spelling in the title of their second album, The Color and the Shape. The Color and the Shape: Why … Read more

“The Crown” isn’t the only series to meet British royalty. These are 5 productions with Isabel II and Carlos III as protagonists

The Crown isnt the only series to meet British royalty

Posted at 20:43 ET (00:43 GMT) Friday, September 9, 2022 playing 1:05 Posted at 20:27 ET (00:27 GMT) Tuesday, August 30, 2022 1:03 Posted at 20:23 ET (00:23 GMT) Friday, August 26, 2022 0:55 Posted at 19:37 ET (23:37 GMT) Tuesday, August 23, 2022 1:08 Posted at 20:23 ET (00:23 GMT) Friday, August 19, 2022 … Read more

The best four movies about the British Royal Family to watch this weekend

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The eyes of the world have been on London since yesterday, when the surprising news of the death of the Queen isabel II, Britain’s longest-serving monarch, saddened everyone. Undisputed figure of the world culture of the 20th century and part of the 21st, she was the protagonist of countless series, movies and documentaries that had … Read more

British royalty: 5 series and films about the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family

The life of the most emblematic monarch has been brought to the small screen on several occasions. From movies to series, production companies have set out to show How has the life of Queen Elizabeth II been?as well as the drama and mystery surrounding the royal family. After the death of the sovereign this Thursdaywe … Read more

‘I was passing by’: a British thriller full of surprises arrives on Netflix

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The thriller is the trending genre on Netflix. Only in the last few weeks we have been able to see several premieres of this style such as The boss, Duality either adult love. So the release of another one is not a surprise, although the film proposal is. From Wednesday, August 31, the British film … Read more

6 Definitive British Ska & 2 Tone Bands Featured On ‘This Is England’

6 Definitive British Ska 2 Tone Bands Featured On

At the moment in which this is england in 2006 under the direction of Shane Meadowsbecame one of the most outstanding British films of the first decade of the new millennium, which also delayed quite a chaotic timebut of which little has been explored the reasons for cultural and political conflicts. We talk about the … Read more

‘My Life As a Rolling Stone’, the documentary that will show the side you don’t know about the British band

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

Today July 4th, we are a little nostalgic since two months ago we live a brutal experience in the Wanda Metropolitano de Madrid. the Rolling Stones landed in the capital of Spain to start his ‘Sixty’ tour which continues unstoppable already in August. On the occasion of the docuseries of ‘My Life As a Rolling … Read more