Zara, H&M, Rapsodia, Cher and the best brands starting tomorrow at a great fair

Zara HM Rapsodia Cher and the best brands starting tomorrow

It is tomorrow! There are two days of those that you cannot miss. is that the girls of another lap They are leaving everything ready in their showroom so that you can enjoy a new face-to-face fair that will liquidate in a way never seen before everything that has to do with the warm seasons, … Read more

Luxury brands rule the red carpet at the Billboard Latin Music Awards

Luxury brands rule the red carpet at the Billboard Latin

MIAMI – Luxury brands and haute couture houses abounded on the varied red carpet of the 2022 edition of the Billboard Latin Music Awards, held at the Watsco Center in the city of Miami. The fan of Latin music showed all its colors, ages and styles. The four guests of honor, Chayanne, Raphael, Christina Aguilera … Read more

BLACKPINK’s businesses outside of music: luxury brands, k-dramas…

It’s no secret that girls from BLACKPINK have millions of people conquered. the girl band of k pop has become one of the reference groups in the current industry. In fact, his songs always occupy important positions in the charts. But the truth is that our protagonists have not only known how to conquer digital … Read more

Russell Brand’s Wild Love Life: Stunning Supermodels, Spice Girls, and Big Brother – Home

ads Former model Russell Brand previously lived quite a fruitful life in the spotlight and his relationships and sexual conquests often took center stage. Before marrying his current wife Laura, Russell was married to pop sensation Katy Perry. But he was also well known for having dated a number of other famous faces over the … Read more

Looks for music festivals in trend for 2022 that you can recreate with Mexican brands!

Looks for music festivals in trend for 2022 that you

Now that the concerts are back, we can finally show off our best music festival outfits. After two long years of isolation, finally, little by little, we have begun to recover our old lives (of course, with all the measures to keep us safe). That’s why the fact that outdoor events are coming back makes … Read more

Systematized child labor: they denounced one of the best-known brands of chocolates

1649199153 Systematized child labor they denounced one of the best known brands.webp

Some 200 million Cadbury cream eggs are sold in the UK each Easter, but behind them there appears to be a cruel case of child labor (Getty Photo) An investigation carried out by the reporter Anthony Barnett for the program Dispatches from Channel 4 in the UK (a public TV channel) revealed the horrors of … Read more

Úrsula Corberó, Anya Taylor-Joy, Phoebe Dynevor… These Netflix actresses who are worth gold for brands

Ursula Corbero Anya Taylor Joy Phoebe Dynevor… These Netflix actresses who

Netflix actresses are courted by luxury brands. photo credit: Instagram screenshot @camillerazat With 210 million subscribers across 190 countries, Netflix has become a major player in entertainment. In 2021 alone, viewing records have been broken several times. The platform’s hit series have become part of popular culture, and their actresses are propelled to stardom. They … Read more

They expand LG’s streaming options, so it can be accessed from smart TVs from other brands

They expand LGs streaming options so it can be accessed

LG logo. Switzerland November 3, 2021. REUTERS / Arnd WIegmann LG Electronics expand the availability of streaming of content for televisions from other brands that run their webOS platform. With the firmware update, viewers with webOS TVs can have a viewing experience with even more popular services to choose from. To extend access to its … Read more