Laura Bozzo asks Nicky Jam’s ex-girlfriend to go to the psychiatrist for this reason

Laura Bozzo asks Nicky Jam’s ex-girlfriend to go to the psychiatrist for this reason In The Truth News we let you know that Aleska Genesis turned to the witchcraft to make your ex fall in love again Nicky Jam. That video where he appears with a strange woman went viral on social networks, which has … Read more

Ivonne Montero talks about her “toxic relationship” with Laura Bozzo: “she does not measure her words”

Anuel AA ended up on the floor in the middle

Despite his fame, the name of Yvonne Montero it sounded very loud again after he entered the reality show “The House of the Famous” and later she won it by being herself and without using strategies like the rest of her classmates. It should be noted that there were some celebrities who did not take … Read more

Cristian Suárez, ex Laura Bozzo, could enter La Casa de Los Famosos 3

Cristian Suarez ex Laura Bozzo could enter La Casa de

Mezcaliente Cristian Suárez can enter the third edition of La Casa de Los Famosos The House of the Famous returns to the screens of Telemundo in 2023 and there are many surprises that it brings to viewers despite the fact that we still do not know who will be the inhabitants who will say present … Read more

“They hired her to scare children”: Alfredo Adame attacked Laura Bozzo after finding her on a plane

They hired her to scare children Alfredo Adame attacked Laura

Photos: Darkroom Once again, Alfredo Adame is in the public eye, because after it became known that he recently shared a plane with the controversial Laura Bozzo, the former driver of Today He did not hesitate to criticize the Peruvian. It was during a brief interview that Carlos Trejo’s enemy had with the Youtube called … Read more

Ex of Niurka and ex of Laura Bozzo could participate in LCDLF 3mosos 3′

Cristian Zuárez, ex of Laura Bozzo and Bobby Larios, ex of Niurka could participate in ‘The House of the Famous 3’. The entertainment program ‘Gossip No Like’ announced the participation of Cristian Zuárez, ex of Laura Bozzo Bobby Larios will also be a supposed contestant according to the official account of ‘La Comadrita’ on Twitter. … Read more

Ivonne Montero exploded against Laura Bozzo: “I never imagined that I had that poverty of soul”

Ivonne Montero exploded against Laura Bozzo I never imagined that

Laura Bozzo was very close to moving on to the reality show’s grand finale. (Photos: CUARTOSCURO) After winning the second season of The House of the Famous Y receive 200 thousand dollarsIvonne Montero was honest about her experience living with her peers on the reality show, especially with Laura Bozzo, whom she considers a person … Read more

Laura Bozzo reappears after her transformation and assures that she looked like a “mummy”

Jaime Lorente cracks his cornea in a terrible accident in

the tv presenter Laura Bozzo During her participation in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’ she was one of the most controversial due to the behavior she had with the rest of her classmates. In turn, those who for a long time considered her the winner of the reality show, she was eliminated last Monday. … Read more

This was the electrifying reunion of Laura Bozzo with Daniella Navarro outside ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

Meta continues its expansion across Web 30 with the announcement

Daniella Navarro and Laura Bozzo they met outside ‘The House of the Famous’. The television presenter of Peruvian origin had left the Telemundo program more than a week ago, somewhat angry with the Venezuelan due to the sentimental relationship that she now has with Nacho Casano, who is one of the four finalists. The reunion … Read more

Laura Bozzo wants Ivonne Montero to win The House of Celebrities 2

Elon Musk countersues Twitter alleging that it did not detail

Laura Bozzo seems to have been very disappointed in Daniella Navarro and Salvador Zerboni. So much so that after being eliminated from the competition for $ 200 thousand dollars, Miss Laura assured with all her heart that the person who should win the second season of La Casa de los Famosos is Ivonne Montero. The … Read more