This is what the boy who worked with Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense looks like today

This is what the boy who worked with Bruce Willis

The news of the disease Bruce Willis “Afasia” has fallen like a bucket of cold water for friends and collaborators of the actor. That is why many have wanted to present him with his unconditional support and celebrate his career with messages of emotional support on social networks, especially on Instagram and Twitter. It has … Read more

The unrecognizable retro photo of Darío Barassi during his childhood: “If you were a chubby boy, this happened to you”

The unrecognizable retro photo of Dario Barassi during his childhood

Dario Barassi (Gaston Taylor) Every evening in front of 100 Argentines say, Dario Barassi shows off his histrionics and his ability to laugh at everything, mainly at himself. So he played dress up Lali Esposito, from Fiona from Shrek, to drive in pajamas and with the most hilarious outfits. Keeping this code to the letter, … Read more

Trailer for season 3 of ‘The Boys’ with more violence, Butcher with powers and Soldier Boy

1647263027 Trailer for season 3 of The Boys with more violence

has already been released first teaser trailer of the long awaited season 3 from the Emmy Award-nominated series, ‘TheBoys‘, during his panel at South by Southwest (SXSW). During the panel moderated by Christian Slater, who lends his voice to one of the characters from ‘The Boys Presents: Diabolical’, the cast and the showrunner of the … Read more

What happened to the life of Danny Lloyd, the boy from The Shining

What happened to the life of Danny Lloyd the boy

‘The glow‘ is one of the great classics of the horror genre. The film directed by Stanley Kubrick adapts a book by Stephen King and exposes the cruelty and torment of people who die violently. The stories surrounding the production of the well-remembered film continue to arouse curiosity, especially those of Shelley Duvall and Danny … Read more

Jason Momoa Confirms He’ll Play a ‘Wacky Bad Boy’ in ‘Fast & Furious 10’

Jason Momoa Confirms Hell Play a Wacky Bad Boy in

Jason Momoa is one of the most likeable males in Hollywood. His role as Aquaman has made him a heroic figure and action star. Now, Momoa is bringing his charismatic personality to the Fast and Furious franchise in fast and furious 10. However, she will be playing a villain, something fans may not be used … Read more

Tiziano Ferro becomes the father of a boy and a girl with her husband

Tiziano Ferro becomes the father of a boy and a

Titian Ferro. Photo: Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images Titian Ferro and her husband Victor Allen they became the parents of two children, Margherita and Andres, ages 9 and 4 months. The announcement came from the singer, originally from Latina, Italy, and married to the American businessman since 2019, with a post on Instagram, the only one in … Read more

Boy Pablo tells us about influences before his Spanish concerts

Boy Pablo tells us about influences before his Spanish concerts

boy paul will be acting in Barcelona East Wednesday March 2 (Apollo Room) and in Madrid on Thursday March 3 (The Paqui, former But room; inside of the takers). It will be presenting the songs of “Rich Wachito” and his recent single with Cuckoo “The novel”. He will be accompanied by the Californian quintet Inner … Read more

Andrew Garfield, the boy loved by the networks, is nominated for an Oscar 2022

Andrew Garfield the boy loved by the networks is nominated

‘Tick, Tick… ​​Boom!’, a film produced by Netflix, shows the life of a tormented artist and Andrew Garfield goes in search of the statuette for this character. Whether singing, dancing or climbing walls like a spider, Andrew Garfield is the darling of social networks, especially now that his name has become a trend thanks to … Read more

Toy Boy 2: Los problemas que enfrentarán los chicos en la segunda temporada del drama de Netflix

Toy Boy 2 Los problemas que enfrentaran los chicos en

Netflix finalmente puso fecha de estreno para la segunda temporada de “Toy Boy”. El próximo 18 de febrero se estrenarán los nuevos capítulos de este drama, que resultó ser todo un boom dentro de la plataforma. Resultando toda una sorpresa, ya que la serie originalmente fue estrenada por la televisora española, Antena 3, y no … Read more