This would be the characters of ‘Harry Potter’ in the cinema if they followed the description of the books

This would be the characters of Harry Potter in the

Hermoine Granger is very far from resembling Emma Watson, you will be grateful that the casting did not follow the original description. The work of MsBananaAnna, as her followers know her, shows the true image of some characters from one of the most important movie sagas in recent years. Get ready to give yourself the … Read more

How many books does “The School of Good and Evil” have and how to read them in order

How many books does The School of Good and Evil

As part of your release schedule of the month, on October 19, Netflix launched “The school of good and evil“, a fancy ribbon directed by Paul Feig and based on the 2013 novel written by Soman Chainani, who started a series of books around the story. The tape chases two friends, Sophia and Agathawho are … Read more

The books about the death of Audrey Mestre, the woman who inspired the movie “Breathless”

The books about the death of Audrey Mestre the woman

In recent days, the French film “Breathless” has become one of the favorite productions of Netflix. Thanks to its history, the work of its leading actors and his shocking ending, The feature film has excited more than one user of the popular streaming platform. Entitled in French as “Sous Enterprise” and in English as “No … Read more

This will be the FIL of the Zócalo 2022: many free books, Chomsky and a Kusturica concert

This will be the FIL of the Zocalo 2022 many

After the complicated times of the pandemic, finally returns to the Zócalo plate, the International Book Fair of Mexico City (FIL). Some days ago the Secretary of Culture of Mexico City announced that this massive event will open its doors to all residents of the capital from October 7 to 16. This is its XXII … Read more

Artificial intelligence draws the characters of the Harry Potter books and the results impress fans

Anuel AA ended up on the floor in the middle

Harry Potter is one of the most legendary movie sagas in the history of the entertainment industry, based on JK Rowling’s resounding best-selling books. With millions of fans around the world, fans of this magical world faithfully associate each of the characters with the actors who played them in the live-action films. Even if you … Read more

Hollywood and family: some books about the difficult relationships between parents and children in the midst of fame and money

Hollywood and family some books about the difficult relationships between

Drew Barrymore is no longer looking for a boyfriend on Tinder The splendor of Hollywood, whether that of those golden years of black and white movies, to the mega productions of the big studios today, has been taken to countless movies, works of art, photographs, of what Not much is said about the stories of … Read more

Famous adaptations of books that their writers hated when they saw the movie

1656907400 Famous adaptations of books that their writers hated when they

That a book has been chosen to be transferred to the cinema must mean enormous pride for its original writer. Over the years we have seen that this has happened on multiple occasions and we can name a few examples: “Harry Potter”, “Narnia”, “Twilight“, among others. However, the authors of these works are not always … Read more