‘La Casa Gucci’: Ridley Scott cleverly solves a family epic that cries out to be disheveled with more bombast camp

1637876716 La Casa Gucci Ridley Scott cleverly solves a family epic

In a moment of ‘The Gucci House‘(House of Gucci) Adam Driver’s character attends a fashion runway, and between the flashes and the darkness he seems to glimpse a Lady Gaga bathed in flashes of light that allow him to see a sinister smile, in what seems almost a diabolical appearance very much in keeping with … Read more

‘Dune’, David Lynch vs. Denis Villeneuve: from the catastrophic and extravagant adaptation of 1984 to the esthetician bombast of 2021

Dune David Lynch vs Denis Villeneuve from the catastrophic and

Now that, after dances of endless dates, the ‘Dune’ from Denis Villeneuve, it is time to take a trip to the past not as pleasant and satisfying as you might expect. Specifically, It’s time to go back 37 years to immerse ourselves in the adaptation of Frank Herbert’s classic directed by David Lynch and released in 1984 after passing through the … peculiar filter of the Laurentiis.

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‘Luca’ is not a minor Pixar: the studio abandons the bombast of ‘Soul’ and draws a wonderful straight line towards the heart of the public

Luca is not a minor Pixar the studio abandons the

Since he started his journey in the world of feature films with the splendid ‘Toy Story’, more than a quarter of a century ago, the animation studio Pixar has been characterized by showing off a gigantic ambition; applied both to the impeccable audiovisual treatment of his works, as well as to narrative and conceptual fields that progressively gained in complexity and in parallel with the maturation of the company.

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