New Blood vs. Ghostface: Who’s Who in the New ‘Scream’ Movie?

1642223328 New Blood vs Ghostface Whos Who in the New Scream

If there’s one thing horror movie fans can be happy about, it’s that many of the biggest franchises in this genre have returned in recent years. There are several examples of what we are talking about; However, to kick off 2022, we have back one of the classic scary stories that we are sure caused … Read more

The only way ‘Dexter: New Blood’ should return for another season

1641981347 The only way Dexter New Blood should return for another

As a miniseries, Dexter: New Blood (Clyde Phillips, 2021-2022) is already a second chance for viewers who pulled their hair out for how it ends Dexter (James Manos Jr., 2006-2013) can be happy with a theoretically more appropriate closure for his favorite killer, Michael C. Hall’s unforgettable Dexter Morgan (Six feet underground), who had done … Read more

Dexter New Blood Season 2: Plot and Release Date

1641882571 Dexter New Blood Season 2 Plot and Release Date

Clyde Phillips, the creator of the television version of Dexter, showrunner for the first four seasons and responsible for the spin-off Dexter New Blood, which has given us a new ending for the character, is ready for a new season. More specifically, he is ready to continue Harrison’s adventures, exploring his dark passenger. There is … Read more

Review: The ending of ‘Dexter: New Blood’ was not perfect, but it is satisfactory

1641864283 Review The ending of Dexter New Blood was not perfect

Related news For channels and platforms it will always be tempting to bring back titles that were successful, because much of the work has been done and it is easier to sell a product that viewers already know. However, it is common for the play to go wrong, and it is almost guaranteed that it … Read more

The Witcher: Blood Origin trailer, Michelle Yeoh leads the fight of the elves

The Witcher Blood Origin trailer Michelle Yeoh leads the fight

MADRID, Dec 19 (CulturaOcio) – The trailer for ‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’, the long-awaited prequel to the series starring Henry Cavill. Set 1,200 years before the events experienced by Geralt de Rivia In Netflix fiction, the trailer shows Michelle Yeoh as Scian, the latest member of a tribe of nomadic elves and warriors. Really, The … Read more

Espectacular tráiler de The Witcher: Blood Origin

Espectacular trailer de The Witcher Blood Origin

They have presented the first trailer of The Witcher: Blood Origin, the prequel series of the great success of Netflix based on the novels by Andrzej Sapkowski. If you have already seen the 8 episodes of the second season of The Witcher from Netflix, you already know that at the end of the last they … Read more

The Witcher series introduces a trailer for its prequel, Blood Origin, in the end credits

The Witcher series introduces a trailer for its prequel Blood

Blood Origin had been announced in 2020, but not many details had been released beyond its actors. La serie de The Witcher, with Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, has been a success for fans of the franchise and of the series in general. This has led to its premiere on Netflix today second season, … Read more

‘Dexter: New Blood’ (1×06): an episode of therapy and breakups in which one of the series’ mysteries is solved

1639447171 Dexter New Blood 1x06 an episode of therapy and breakups

New Monday and we wake up wanting to see how the new life of Dexter and Son (I wish they had called it that), especially in this intermediate section of ‘Dexter: New Blood‘in which things get really interesting. Of course, from here spoilers for ‘Too Many Tuna Sandwiches’ the sixth episode of ‘Dexter: New Blood’. … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence and Adam McKay will work together again on ‘Bad Blood’, the new Apple TV movie +

1639227614 Jennifer Lawrence and Adam McKay will work together again on

Related news Apple Original Films continues to grow its film catalog. Ridley Scott, Martin Scorsese, Sofia Coppola and Joel Coen are some of the prestigious filmmakers who have already worked or will work in the future for the technology giant. The next to join the club is Adam McKay. Oscar winner for The big bet … Read more