What to see in ‘streaming’: Brad Pitt shines in this dark ‘thriller’ from the director of ‘Blonde’ that went unnoticed

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It was not one of the actor’s most successful films, but it is one that has been gaining a certain cult following as well as affection from the star. ‘Kill Them Softly’ is a surprising and unconventional film. It was a minor flop that went unnoticed when it was released in 2012, but over time … Read more

Andrew Dominik, director of “Blonde”: “Any fan of Marilyn Monroe also loves the dramas of his life”

Andrew Dominik director of Blonde Any fan of Marilyn Monroe

By adapting Joyce Carol Oates’ bestseller, “Blonde”, for Netflix, Andrew Dominik gets into the icon’s head and imagines his ordeal. Maintenance. When Joyce Carol Oates’ novel, Blonde hair, released in 2000, the success was immediate. A partly fantasized biography of Marilyn Monroe, the book fascinates with its subjective approach to the short life of the … Read more

10 incredible facts behind “Blonde”, the Netflix movie

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BLONDE is the boldly reimagined personal story of the world’s most famous sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe. Just two days after its premiere in the giant of the “N”, Blonde entered the Top 100 ranking of the best films so far in 2022, occupying the #30 position so far, according to FilmAffinity. The biographical production of … Read more

Blonde on Netflix: we saw the shock film about Marilyn Monroe and it will not please everyone!

Blonde on Netflix we saw the shock film about Marilyn

This is one of the most anticipated films of this end of the year: Blonde with Ana de Armas is finally available on Netflix. Is This Fake Marilyn Monroe Biopic Worth Watching? WHAT DOES IT TALK ABOUT ? Adapted from Joyce Carol Oates’ bestseller, BLONDE is a bold reinterpretation of the trajectory of Marilyn Monroe, … Read more

‘Blonde’: viewers “disgusted” could not see more than 20 minutes of the film

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Netflix finally premiered his controversial drama about Marilyn Monroe, Blonde, but some viewers have complained that the movie it is “unseeable”. Many viewers commented on social networks that they had not been able to see more than 20 minutes of Blonde. The movie rated for ages 18+, based on the homonymous novel by Joyce Carol … Read more

‘Blonde’: Why the Netflix Movie Changes So Many Times from Black and White to Color and Image Aspect Ratio

Blonde Why the Netflix Movie Changes So Many Times from

The arrival of ‘Blonde’ a Netflix has finished shooting the popularity of the film starring Anne of Arms. One of the most striking aspects of it is that it changes on many occasions from black and white to color, something that it also does in terms of the aspect ratio of the image. I suspect … Read more