‘Blonde’ is a resounding audience failure for Netflix, which sees some of its most ambitious productions sink

Blonde is a resounding audience failure for Netflix which sees

Netflix, for the moment, does not have to fear that its reign among streaming platforms will be discussed: a few weeks ago, ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ shattered the record for the best third week of all time for an English-language Netflix series. At that time, 701.37 million hours in 19 days, it was second … Read more

This was the queue of Cubans at the cinema to see Ana de Armas in ‘Blonde’!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck break the rules in their

This weekend, the movie ‘Blonde’ premiered in theaters in Havana, where the Cuban actress Ana de Armas plays the emblematic Marilyn Monroe. In images shared by the 14ymedio portal on Facebook, you can see the large number of people queuing to enter Yara, one of the capital’s cinemas where the film directed by Canadian Andrew … Read more

The intriguing movie that dethroned Blonde as the most watched on Netflix

An intriguing thriller starring Mila Kunis has become a trend in Netflix and it has become the most watched film of the streaming service in the world, dethroning the biopic that had been dominating the ranking. Is about The luckiest girl in the worlda film directed by Mike Barker that premiered on Netflix last Friday … Read more

Paul Schrader likes ‘Blonde’, but thinks “that character is not Marilyn Monroe”

Paul Schrader likes Blonde but thinks that character is not

A little over a week after the landing of Blonde on Netflix the intensity of the conversation has noticeably decreased, although the scandal and the fierce criticism are still going on. Andrew Dominic wanted to adapt the novel by Joyce Carol Oates Inspired by the convulsive life and career of Marilyn Monroewith the help of … Read more

Who was the real father of Marilyn Monroe and what do they show in Blonde?

Blonde It was one of the most anticipated films of this 2022. After the applause it received at major film festivals, the audience had high expectations for this plot focused on the life of Marilyn Monroe. However, many people felt very disappointed and the film was the victim of several criticisms. The film, starring Anne … Read more

Netflix experiences failure with Blonde, the Marilyn Monroe movie

Netflix experiences failure with Blonde, the Marilyn Monroe movie Recently, it has been reported that Blondethe Marilyn Monroe movie, has become a failure for the famous platform Netflixsomething that undoubtedly came as a surprise to many. Blonde, the Marilyn Monroe biopic, obtained a total of 37.34 million hours played during the week of September 26 … Read more

This scene has provoked strong criticism of the movie ‘Blonde’

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The recently released film ‘Blonde’, starring Cuban actress Ana de Armas, has had a strongly polarized reception, because while it has been critically acclaimed, a large part of the public is disgusted with its high sexual content. In social networks, hundreds of users have reacted negatively to the portrait that has been made of the … Read more

It was not Ana de Armas: The actress who would originally be Marilyn Monroe in Blonde

It was not Ana de Armas The actress who would

Despite the criticism it has received Blonde, many agree that her actress is the best thing about the film. Ana de Armas’s performance as Marilyn Monroe has been filled with applausealthough the film as such It’s been pretty divisive. For this reason, it is difficult to believe that the Cuban actress was not the original … Read more

Blonde (Netflix): here is the foundation and eyeliner used on Ana de Armas for her transformation into Marilyn Monroe

Blonde Netflix here is the foundation and eyeliner used on

In 2011, Michelle Williams took on the role of Marilyn Monroe with the film “My Week My Marilyn”. The whole world then bowed to the performance of the American actress in the skin of the Hollywood icon who died in 1956. Eleven years later, it was the turn of the beautiful Ana de Armas to … Read more